Graduation of Humanitarians with Master’s Degree: Authorization for Professional Life!

21 грудня 2019 року

On December 20, 2019 at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, the graduation of masters of full-time and correspondence forms of education took place. This was preceded by the hard and strenuous work of the scientific-pedagogical staff of the faculty, due to which now in a festive atmosphere, 122 graduates who received five master's degree programs (social work; philology (German languages and literature- translation included), the first is English or the first language is German; Pedagogy of high school; management (management of educational institutions). in the festive atmosphere received their master's degrees.

Traditionally, the opening of the solemn part, with greetings to the graduates, instructors and guests of the holiday was made by the Dean, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk. Congratulating on the successful completion of studies, Vasyl Dmytrovych noted that he is proud of our graduates, because they are praising our Alma Mater with their work! Vasyl Dmytrovych wished the graduates the success, happiness and support of loved ones, and let the motto of the faculty "Primus inter pares" ("First among equals") be your life motto - so be the first in everything!

Rector of NULES of Ukraine, Professor Stanislav Nikolaenko addressed the audience. The head of the university noted that he was particularly pleased to welcome today's graduates, since he had the opportunity to communicate with each of them personally during the studies. Even then, Stanislav Mykolayovych saw a desire for future specialists to gain new knowledge and skills of professional experience. “Each of you does not have a simple life ahead, so success is in your hard work, dedication, desire to work and create!”

Today the fateful orders for the awarding of diplomas were read by the deputy deans of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics Ihor Butsyk, Svitlana Kharchenko, Alla Kravchenko, and handed over to their graduates by the rector Stanislav Nikolaenko and the dean of the faculty Vasyl Shynkaruk, together with the heads of graduation chairs, as well as their deputies Svitlana Amelina, Serhii Kubitskyi, Hennadiy Rzhevskyi, Valentyna Snitsar and Olena Varava.



On behalf of all the curators, Professor Nina Zhuravska congratulated the graduates, wishing an easy and happy fate, as well as pleasant meetings. Hennadiy Rzhevskyi, as a mentor of one of the groups, noted that on this festive winter day the snow falls in the form of diplomas of the highest quality - diplomas of masters of NULES of Ukraine!

From the heads of all graduating groups, Maryna Shcherbyna thanked all the faculty members for the good conditions of spiritual and intellectual growth of every graduate who has risen to the stage today!


The festival was accompanied by a concert program prepared by the students of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. The song greetings were joined by Maryana Ostyak and Anastasia Danko (students of Ukrainian folk artist Natalia Shelepnytska), Anna Berezovska (student of Honored Artist of Ukraine Roman Rudyi), and choreographic ensemble "Suzir'ya DANCE" (artistic director Olha Saurina).
So, once again, we congratulate our graduates and wish you confident steps on your life path!

Oksana Honcharuk,
Assistant Professor of the Department of Pedagogy

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