The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine has increased the number of folk teams!

17 грудня 2019 року

Saturday of the last week was not just a festive day, but a day of triple holiday for the department of cultural studies of our university. Three more teams with great success were certified for the highest amateur team title - "amateur folk".

If for the folk song and dance ensemble "Kolos" and the student folk theater "Berezil" such a test is already familiar, but there is still a fear to let the collective down, then the female vocal ensemble "Oktava" under the direction of assistant of the department of cultural studies Nina Melikova, male vocals “Amero” under the guidance of senior teacher Serhiy Dudko and pop singing studio under the guidance of Assistant Professor Iryna Voityuk passed it for the first time, so the excitement of both the leaders and their trainees was remarkable. That scene of the Center of Culture and Arts of the Dnieper district of Kyiv became a happy place for our talents, and December 14 - a happy day.

The program presented for consideration by the evaluation committee by our teams consisted of five departments, which had both sadness, and joy, and lyrics, and drive, and summer, and winter, and heat, and cold - a different expression of feelings, emotions, passions. That fun, then carefully accompanied by the ringing maiden voices of "Oktava", sometimes in fact like a nightingale singing, a violin; tears were easily wiped from viewers' eyes as they listened to songs about their mothers who were in the repertoire of both boys and girls; the girls were singing, "Come, as the clear sun goes down ..." or "Trodden the path" and the young men were singing, "Carries Halya water" or "Kateryna", and "White snow on the green leaves" - with carols, which are already hurrying to each threshold with wishes of happiness, light, faith and hope. The hall was filled with bowmen’s and Cossack motifs, expertly performed by “Amero”, and the originality of the hymn of the white winter by “Oktava” ... And what is noticeable (and was especially appreciated by the certification committee): in almost every item there was a sounding of "Serhiy Dudko’s adaptation", "translation of Nina Melikova".. Serhiy Vitaliyovych and Nina Volodymyrivna love their work so much that they prepare "sauce" even for the most famous works, which are included in the repertoire, for "their" artists.

But the performance of the soloists of the pop singing studio under the direction of Iryna Voityuk can probably be called "Nine Shades of Love". All 9 soloists who participated in the program performed famous contemporary variety works about love. Whether it was about unspeakable love that poured tears of water, or something that could be compared to war, or sad and crazy, or snow covered and mind taken away, or that love that was constantly about the beloved reminds us of warm parental love - everything sounded professional, skillful and stylish.

So, congratulations to the “Amero” Men's Vocal Ensemble, the “oktava” Women's Vocal Ensemble, the “Voytvoice” Variety Studio and their and their leaders with well-deserved recognition! And sincere gratitude to each of the participants who, despite their incredible busyness before the exam session, found the time to engage hard in creativity to prove: ours are the best!

Iryna Maidanyuk,
Head of the Department of Cultural Studies


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