Future masters-managers have defended their master's works

12 грудня 2019 року

Student years are the most wonderful time in a person's life. This time is filled with the most interesting and unforgettable events. At first it is a euphoric sense of admiration for finally becoming a student, then a pleasant feeling of excitement in the anticipation of an independent life, the joy of new acquaintances and meetings. After all, students say they have fun from session to session. And how much more there is to overcome!

December 10, 2019 was a decisive day for us - graduates of full-time master’s degree in specialty "Management" of the educational program "Management of the educational institution" of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

For a year and a half, we have become convinced that all the teaching staff who have taught us are true professionals and have added their striking touches to the reality of our learning.

All of my classmates are people of the modern world, creative and promising executives, determined and dedicated executives who will complement and enhance the knowledge that the university has given us.

For the defense of the master's works we have selected topical themes, which were discussed regularly in classes from a number of professionally oriented disciplines. The examination commission consisted of reputable specialists of the faculty for humanities and pedagogics, namely: Head of the Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Lesia Viktorova, Head of the Department of Management and Educational Technologies - Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Serhiy Kubitskyi, Head of Human Resources Department of NULES of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Management and Educational Technology, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Mykola Mykhailichenko, Professor of the Department of Industrial and Investment Management, Doctor of Economic Sciences Maryna Delini. All master's theses were awarded positive marks. The commission members noted the high quality of the master's work preparation of the graduates, and also identified the best students according to the reports: Oksana Kozoriz, Svitlana Salvenchuk and Svitlana Kasilova.

The members of the commission engaged in interesting dialogues and discussions, held discussions with the master's graduates. The commission noted an interesting selection of topics and a clear setting of tasks for master's works, quality of design and a high level of master's scientific and practical research, and gratitude to the heads of final works. Also members of the commission awarded my classmates with interesting prizes, namely: Oksana Kozoriz received a corporate badge "NULES of Ukraine" for the best performance, Svitlana Salvenchuk - a pen with the logo of the university, and Svitlana Kasilova - a notebook with corporate symbols of our university.


During the lectures, seminars and practical classes at NULES of Ukraine, we both gained knowledge in various subjects, and enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with wonderful people with rich professional and life experience. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the faculty have invested both in knowledge and in our souls, with their instructions and warm words, they have inspired us to new endeavors, instilled faith in our forces. There were reliable mentors with us, ready to support at any time, to give advice, to take the right path.

We would like to express special thanks to the Head of the Department of Management and Educational Technologies Serhiy Kubitskyi, with whom one year and a half our group has been connected in difficult but still beautiful, filled with study and communication days. Thank you for your responsibility and attention to each student, for creating a comfortable atmosphere for our learning and growth!

Anna Butova,
student of the specialty "Management"
of educational program "Management of educational institution"


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