Journalist students honored the memory of the great director

10 грудня 2019 року

There was light and warm winter at the Museum of Theater, Music and Cinema in the Lavra that evening. The hall, which is named after the famous Les Kurbas, brought together instructors and students of Kyiv universities, artists, cultural figures, journalists to pay tribute to the memory of the outstanding director and teacher Vadym Lvovych Chubasov. Even those who did not personally know the director, one of the founders of the national school of television directing, the founder of the department of television directing of the Kyiv Institute of Theater Arts after Karpenko-Karyi (as he was then called).

Vadym Chubasov is a theater director, and a researcher, experimenter. He was fascinated by new art - television, the opportunities it opened to creativity. The art that emerged at the intersection of theater, film, and journalism, which did not require large halls to communicate with the audience, and spoke an on-screen, intimate, short, tet-a-tet interaction with the viewer. and at the same time reached a huge audience. He researched the language of the TV screen, the possibilities of installation, he experimented. His television shows have now become a legend, as the play "Richard III" that has become a legend and which he staged with students, and even from other cities people came to watch it. By the way, Shakespeare is no accident. Chubasov was noble in everything, even in his tastes. If it is music then it’s Ravel's Bolero. If it is dramaturgy – then it is Shakespeare. If these are installation lessons – then it is Eisenstein.

Vadym Chubasov is a name without which it is impossible to imagine contemporary Ukrainian culture, the formation of the national television space.
Vadym Chubasov owns the idea of creating a student film festival. This is how the world-famous International Youth Film Festival "MOLODIST (Youth)" has been born- now it is the most prestigious film festival of young moviegoers. And later Chubasov started another creative review for beginners - the festival "YOUTH TELEVISION OF UKRAINE".
A man of encyclopedic knowledge, a talented director and educator, he was greatly respected. The students admired him! It was considered prestigious to study at Chubasov's workshop. Former students told at the party that this is a special title - "Chubasov’s student". It, as a password, opens the door to the profession, guarantees a "green street" for young professionals. The participants of the meeting could see the Master on the screen, hear his unforgettable voice again, his reflections, which, by the way, sound very modern today.
The event was attended by: rector of the National University of Cinema and Television Theater Oleksiy Bezhin, dean of the Institute of Performing Arts of the same university Olha Ravlyuk, renowned film historian, film critic Serhiy Trymbach, poet Vyacheslav Chernylevskyi, People's Artist of Ukraine Yaroslav Havrylyuk, well-known figures of cinema and television, of domestic journalism, in particular Lyudmyla Hordeladze, Oleksandr Savenko who, by the way, currently teaches at the Department of Journalism and Language Communication at our University.

People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication of NULES of Ukraine Tetiana Tsymbal was leading the event. And most importantly - there were many young people! Future journalists, directors, TV presenters are students of Taras Shevchenko National University, I.K. Karpenko-Karyi National University of Theater, Film and Television, Kyiv International University and, of course, students of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine. Why "of course"?

First, because they are future journalists and should know the origins of their profession, and secondly, because journalists should acquire communication skills in a professional environment and establish contacts and relationships with those who will work with them tomorrow in editorial offices and press services, on TV channels and in radio broadcasts ... And, returning to the event, because Vadym Chubasov - first of all – is a TEACHER.

Vitaliy Mikula,
2nd year student of specialty "Journalism"
Tetiana Tsymbal,
People's Artist of Ukraine,
Professor of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication


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