"Beauty ceremony" in the Small Mariinskyi Palace

9 грудня 2019 року

 ... Live music, the smell of a Christmas tree, festive silver balls, bright decorations, delicious dishes, guests in exquisite attire - all this announces the arrival of the New Year and Christmas miracle. May there be more kindness and beauty in each person's life in 2020 Believe in miracles and try to do beautiful things for those who are near you from time to time. The venue was chosen not by chance - the evening of pleasant emotions on the eve of St. Nicholas was held in the banquet hall of the Polyakov’s mantion - an architectural monument, erected in the 1910s, because of its resemblance to the Mariinskyi Palace has the informal name "Small Mariinskyi Palace", often held here government receptions and diplomatic routs. Previously, this house was the residence of the aristocrats of Kyiv - in particular, its owner, Demian Obolonskyi and his wife of the Yakubovych family were prone to squalor, ordered clothes in France, had their own orchestra, arranged numerous feasts and loved refined things. We can assume that the ball of the ceremony "Empire of Beauty" by Ruslana Tsakhlo was a continuation of the secular tradition of this historic building. “Beauty is one of the most important factors in a culture that combines creativity and love, inspiration and desire to create. In every profession there are people whom we call masters of their craft. It is they who seek to create such a work of art that would not only bring aesthetic pleasure, but also inspire others to create beauty. We strive to achieve the goal of giving people pleasure and coloring their lives in bright colors,” - Ruslana Tsakhlo tells the story of the National Award of the Year “Empire of Beauty”. The organizer of the event is CO "Union of Masters of Beauty of Ukraine", with the support of the Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, whose president is Kinakh Anatoliy Kyrylovych.
The guests were greeted with a glass of champagne and dozens of photo shoots from journalists' lenses, the host of the ceremony - Honored Artist of Ukraine Dmytro Oskin invited guests to the banquet hall and solemnly launched the national award of the year "Empire of Beauty".



There was a special award for a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture, the awarding of a singer Kamalia, the setting of a record and entry in the Register of Records of Ukraine for outstanding achievements in the promotion of national culture in the world. Among our guests are our associate professor Veronika Chekalyuk and the students of our university. "Appreciate the beauty, love life and notice the beautiful sides of the Universe every day," - in these words Veronika Vasylivna congratulated the organizers and handed a bouquet of roses as a symbol of tenderness and beauty.

Diana Dafyna


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