The pedagogical heritage of K.D. Ushynskyi: scientific discourse through times and generations

6 грудня 2019 року

Increasingly, Ukrainian society is beginning to look for its identity and originality in prominent figures of the past. After all, they have such a deep dimension that they do not lose their value over the centuries. Such personality is undoubtedly Kostiantyn Dmytrovych Ushynskyi - a prominent Ukrainian educator and thinker of the 19th century. He united for the first time in the pedagogy of the efforts and achievements of the anthropological sciences, made an impressive in its pedagogical synthesis of scientific knowledge about man, which radically changed the traditional view of the task and content of pedagogy..


On December 5, 2019, the Department of Pedagogy of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics organized and held a traditional scientific and practical pupil-student conference "Humanities in the Interpretation of Young Researchers: K.D. Ushynskyi Pedagogical Readings".
The event was opened by the Deputy Dean, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Svitlana Kharchenko. She congratulated the participants of the conference and emphasized that Ukrainians should study their spiritual heritage, be proud of their historical and modern achievements and "switch" the code of inferiority in their own minds. After all, the authenticity of our nation is proven today by many historical facts and scientific intelligence. Svetlana noted that the Department of Pedagogy started the tradition of holding a conference dedicated to a prominent Ukrainian teacher.



In the congratulatory address of the Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Sopivnyk Ruslan Vasylyovych, one could hear the gratitude to the dean's office for the attention to the beginnings of the department and the pride for the established cooperation with the capital city schools in the direction of the development of student science were expressed, and gratitude to the colleagues for the conferences. However, he sent the most positive evaluations and encouraging words to those who made the first step into science today. Ruslan urged the attendees to consider the pedagogical aspects in the national plane, not to give us our history, because, despite the differences in the information sources about the place of birth, Kostiantyn Dmytrovych Ushinskyi is the son of his nation, who passionately loved his native land and life. pro-Ukrainian position. He is the author of the idea of nationality in education. An invaluable contribution of a great teacher to didactics is his / her development of the idea of the lesson as a form of educational process, justification of five types of lesson, original ideas about the importance and role of the teacher in teaching.

The study and analysis of the works of the prominent Ukrainian teacher K.D. Ushynskyi made it possible to single out the following topical ideas that became the topic of speeches of young researchers:
• the problem of gender education in the creative heritage of K.D. Ushynskyi (Maryna Bondarenko, Master's student of the specialty "Educational, Pedagogical Sciences", OPP "Pedagogy of Higher School");
• the role of work in the upbringing of personality according to K.D. Ushynskyi (Puhach Yulia, a student of the 11th grade of the Balakleya Lyceum - the Evheniia Huhlia Secondary General Education school);
• the problem of personal health protection in the pedagogical views of K.D. Ushynskyi (Hudylko Maria, student of the Master's degree in the specialty "Educational, Pedagogical Sciences", OPP "Pedagogy of Higher School");
• K.D. Ushynskyi's contribution to the development of home teaching and personality education (Zakaryan Anzhela, student of the specialty “Vocational Education”);
• K.D. Ushynskyi's views on teacher training (Victoria Zozulevych, Master's student of the specialty "Educational, Pedagogical Sciences", OPP "Pedagogy of Higher School");
• Kostiantyn Ushynskyi: biography and interesting facts about life (Moroz Oleh, student of the specialty "Vocational Education");
• study of native and foreign languages by the work of K.D. Ushynskyi "The Native Word" (Neklyudova Alina, a student of the specialty "Vocational Education");
• Valeological heritage of K.D. Ushynskyi in the context of the national project of modernization of school education "New Ukrainian School" (Victoria Cherepiana, a student of the specialty "Vocational Education");
• K.D. Ushynskyi's views on women's education (Hulyan Marharyta, student of the specialty "Professional Education").


Students, graduate students and pupils also focused on contemporary issues of education and upbringing, such as:
• "Stress, its effect on the body and human behavior (Vozian Valeria, student of the specialty "Social work");
• "Game technologies as a means of stimulating cognitive activity of students" (Iryna Hrynchuk, Master's student of the specialty "Educational, pedagogical sciences", OPP "Pedagogy of higher education");
• Features of non-formal education (Dvoinos Darya, post-graduate student);
• “Personality in the system of youth leisure” (Nataliya Kanyuka, Master's student of the specialty “Educational, pedagogical sciences”, OPP “Pedagogy of higher education”);
• Impact of the computer gaming industry on the development of children and adolescents (Kapustyanchyk Victoria, master's student in the specialty "Educational, Pedagogical Sciences", OPP "Information and Communication Technologies in Education");
• “Classification of means of visibility” (Kryvsha Anna, master's student of specialty “Educational, pedagogical sciences”, OPP “Pedagogy of higher education”);
• "Deviant behavior of adolescents as a result of violation of their interaction with the environment" (Kutsenko Iryna, Mykhalchuk Ioanna, student of specialty "Social work") and many others.

Of particular interest to the audience were the reports by Lytiuk Adriana ("The Risks of Internet Addiction in the Youth Environment") and Anna Columbet "Forming the Spiritual Culture of Student Youth").

It should be noted that the conference was in the form of lively discussion, the audience was able to ask the speakers questions, express their own point of view. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Pedagogy Oksana Viktorivna Vasyuk, joining the discussion of problems, emphasized the main idea of K.D. Ushynskyi - the principle of nationality and the fact that the great educator called for a differentiated and creative approach to translate the experience of other countries into our lives, distinguishing the experience of education and experience of upbringing.

According to the results of the scientific and practical student conference, a collection of reports (edited by the candidate of pedagogical sciences T.I. Kovalchuk) was prepared, the patrons of which were the scientific and pedagogical workers of the department of pedagogy. After all, it is important for young aspiring researchers to step into science and see its real-life implementation in their first ever printed work.
Therefore, the ideas of an outstanding teacher today are sounded with new compelling power and are an inexhaustible treasure trove yet to be discovered by new researchers.

Olena Varava,
assistant of the department of pedagogy

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