My language is the key to success in the profession and life

6 грудня 2019 року

I love my NULES and these feelings are intensified daily, as the faculty of our native faculty for humanities and pedagogics open up a world of knowledge and practical experience for us - students. From the first days of communication with the instructor on "Ukrainian language for professional orientation" we with the group were incredibly passionate about the classes with the associate professor Veronica Vasylivna Chekalyuk. So, the last class was special and useful for us. At the lesson "Ukrainian for Professional Purpose", students of the specialty "Vocational Education" had the opportunity to get acquainted with the amazing woman Iryna Karpova. Ms. Iryna is a teacher educator, and now she works with successful people, she is a personal assistant to entrepreneurs, show business representatives, a smart and successful woman. All students without exception were pleasantly impressed because they did not expect such an interesting meeting when they crossed the university threshold in the morning. Veronica Vasylivna solemnly started her class with greetings and wishes to all of us, because the instructor sincerely believes that everyone will be a successful professional in the future. She introduced the guest and offered the format of the round table "Formula of Success". The listeners actively supported the conversation with the guest, asked her questions, discussed and listened to her, holding their breath.
After such a pleasant surprise, my colleagues and I went to tea to discuss the session, so the students commented excitedly about meeting Iryna:
"That's cool, I'm in a state of shock. I really enjoyed it. I am grateful for such a meeting, - ”says Artemchuk Amina.
Anatoliy Isabekov shares his impressions, “Indeed, I feel a rush of inspiration and positive. It's always fun to talk to people who have succeeded because they have a lot to learn.”
My friend, student Tsymbal Tetiana, was also inspired by this session, "Now I admire Iryna sincerely, having heard her story, I realized that no obstacles can make you forget your dream."
“The most important thing I have made for myself is that you can achieve everything without fear and believe in yourself. I have a goal and I will strive for its achievement,” - Oleksandr Kovalenko adds.
“It’s necessary to read and communicate – it’s true! I cannot in two words describe my feelings after this conversation, as it was cool, informative and useful,” - Snihyr Yulia comments.

To sum up, one thing is clear that all students are satisfied and cheered, we are glad that the University provides such useful opportunities for learning and communication:
"It was an incredible opportunity and I'm glad it fell out to me. The only thing I would like to have more time to meet such successful people is that it is a pity that Veronika's course I have only one semester. We all want to thank our instructor Veronika Vasylivna, because she organized this meeting for us, and every time at her classes she opened interesting sides of science and taught to present oneself professionally and confidently in Ukrainian,” - says Iryna Savenko.

Our NUBiP is our love for life!

Olha Kyslenko
1st year student of the specialty "Vocational Education",
a member of the “Junior Journalist” Circle

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