Results of Master's Degree Diploma Defense of Masters-managers

5 грудня 2019 року

 Student life is not just about taking exams and tests. Student years are a time in a person's life when the brightest discoveries take place, and the desire to move forward causes him/her to achieve greater success. These are fun acquaintances, friendly relationships and an unforgettable experience.

Student life brings a lot of joy. How much we had to go through! These are lecture notes and sit-ins in the cafeteria, this is the student spring, these are new people, it is an indescribable joy when you leave the audience, wave your credit-book, and jump with happiness. There is no one in the world happier than students, this is a special state of mind, it is eternal spring, sun, love, it is the most wonderful time in life.

December 2019 also became fitting for the graduates of the Master's Degree Program in Management of the Educational Program "Management of the Educational Institution" of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine - this is a successful completion of studies, successful protection of masters works and "good work". How much work is put into each student during their studies at the NULES of Ukraine at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. The instructors of the Department of Management and Educational Technologies have created an atmosphere of benevolence, partnership, and "heart" of the content of the training. My classmates have noted that the classes of leading lecturers of the department are distinguished by the philosophical and creative energy of scientific search, remembered as vivid, impressive lessons of reason, wisdom and humanity.
Scientific dialogue with interesting personalities helps stimulate the process of self-improvement, self-development and constant self-renewal.

My undergraduate classmates are the modern leaders of the new formation, innovative personalities, creative individuals, energetic, persistent, determined, purposeful personalities, true leaders, which they proved in the protection of their master's works, held on December 2 and 3, 2019. The defense presented 38 certification master's theses, which were devoted to current problems of theory and practice of organization of management of educational institutions.

As a result of interesting debates and discussions, the Examination Committee is composed of highly qualified specialists of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, namely: Head of the Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Viktorova L.V., Head of the Department of Management and Educational Technologists S.O. Kubitskyi, Head of the Human Resources Department - Professor of the Department of Management and Educational Technologies, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Mykhailichenko M.V., Professor of the Department of Production and Investment Management, Doctor of Economics Delini M.M. - evaluated all the works with positive grades and noted the high quality of preparation of master's works of graduates, and also identified the best students according to the reports: Avilov O.S., Gaidey O.H., Harbuzenko T.P., Litvin M.F., Mashchenko N.S., Resulova D.F., Tymoshchuk V.V. and others.

The commission noted an interesting selection of topics and a clear statement of the task for the master's works, the quality of the design of the works themselves and the high level of master's scientific and practical studies, noted the proper performing mastery of master's works of the graduates as a whole, expressed gratitude to the graduates.

On my own behalf and on behalf of all my classmates, I thank you for the knowledge and experience we gained during our studies at NULES of Ukraine. The professional, rich organization of the educational process and the constant support of the instructors allowed us to acquire the knowledge and skills that, I am sure, will help all of us in the future to solve problems and make the right decisions in the management of Ukrainian educational institutions.

Graduate student
OP «Management of educational institutions»
Mashchenko Natalia

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