The 1st year students of the specialty "Vocational Education" got acquainted with the history of their University

4 грудня 2019 року

 On December 3, first-year students, groups PO-19001b, the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics together with their mentor visited the Museum of History of NULES of Ukraine. The planned event took place within the framework of cultural and educational work. The tour was conducted by NULES veteran doctor of historical sciences, professor Bairak Ivan Romanovych.

The students were delighted with the friendly, laid-back atmosphere and informative nature of the event, as well as enjoying the mood and charisma of the tour guide. The activists of the group left a written review of the event in the Guestbook of the University Museum. The meeting was organized and held on the initiative of the curator of the group - Ph.D., Senior Lecturer of the Department of Philosophy Chornomordenko D.I.

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