The 2nd Saudi-Ukrainian Agrarian Business Investment Forum was held in Kyiv

4 грудня 2019 року

The topic of the Forum is the current state of economic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, agriculture and agribusiness in Ukraine and future investment opportunities. Among the invited associate professors of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication Veronika Vasylivna Chekalyuk, who actively engages NULESU students to participate in the information life of our country, is convinced that the theory should be closely related to practice.

“The political and economic realities of today dictate new conditions for creating a state image. Ukraine needs to review the activities of the media as a tool for creating the image of the country, to reach a new level of cooperation between the media and state bodies, to improve the internal editorial policy. How to do this without conflict of interest and chaos in society, what tools are needed is a major topic for research by international and national experts. The influence of the media on shaping the image of the state is undeniable. Media mechanisms of formation of positive state image in the XXI century. used by image-makers, political scientists, scientists at full capacity. What will be the image of Ukraine in the world directly depend on the submission of materials in the media, their impact on the target audience. The result of a proper information campaign is a successful state. And this is economic independence and stability, consistent diplomatic policy, investment attractiveness, high level of tourist interest in the country, military strength and willingness of the leaders to establish diplomatic relations at all levels, "- says scientist Veronika Vasylivna Chekalyuk, the time of the international diplomatic meeting in Kyiv.

Working on the image of the state is to create the most attractive image of the country, to reproduce positive attractive information manifestations in the world media and to attract the attention of foreign investors, in particular to the topic of financing innovative projects. Ukraine needs the attention of international partners, whose activities will be relevant to becoming a country and improving living standards and environmental friendliness, this meeting is an effective platform for business communication. Veronika Chekalyuk states, “An integral part of attracting investments is building a system of investor communication through the lens of media tools, which will help Ukraine to become a top brand and enhance its investment attractiveness, positive image, will gain new investors' trust and attract new investors. Examples of establishing contacts with investors are given. Networking, the core of the innovation manager's success is a passionate idea that drives everyone to start over after a set of failures.”


Entrepreneurs, experts, scientists and investors gathered for a professional discussion of topical issues for Ukraine. Ukraine is an interesting market for world investment.

The II Saudi-Ukrainian Agrarian Business Investment Forum is a powerful event for the development of the economy of both countries. The current topic of the Forum is the current state of economic cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Ukraine, agriculture and agribusiness in Ukraine, and future investment opportunities over time not only for professionals, but for every citizen.


Photo from V. Chekalyuk’s archive
Snippets of presentations from forum speakers' speeches
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