English Language Circle for Lyceum Students: Choosing and Defining Major Occupational Guidelines

4 грудня 2019 року
The Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics strongly supports the cooperation of NULES of Ukraine with separate structural units, and therefore, within the framework of such cooperation of our University and the KZ IMP of the “Irpin Academic Lyceum of NULES of Ukraine”, the first class of English language students on which the youth expressed the desire to improve their communication skills on current, important topics for society today, as well as to consider important topics contained in IEE.

Children are very inquisitive, some lyceum students are interested and ask for help in writing a scientific work in a foreign language, based on certain scientific and experimental bases, containing personal observations or search data; results of their processing, analysis and generalization.

Using the opportunity, information was provided on the importance of the correct choice of the educational institution and the future profession, the students got acquainted with the structure of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, prestigious specialties, areas of professional training and opportunities to continue their studies at the NULES and the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics.

The main task of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics is to ensure the quality of selection of motivated young people, and the success of professional self-determination of high school students depends on the formation of their value orientation, life ideals in the professional sphere. In each area of professional activity, one can come up with personal ideals to help young people gain a foothold in their own lives and careers, as teachers try to do during such meetings. Lyceum students were interested in excursions to the NULES of Ukraine, to the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. In the meantime, the lyceum students are preparing for the next meeting of the English Language Circle so that they can again, with the faculty of the University, creatively, interestingly dynamically improve their skills.

Oksana Ponomarenko,
Associate Professor of English
for technical and agrobiological specialties

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