Studying at NULES is of interest to the applicants of the Rivne region

3 грудня 2019 року

 A first-year student of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, specializing in International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies, Oksana Romanovych held several vocational meetings in her native village Zarichne, located in the Rivne region. It was not only interesting for the 11th graders to listen and learn about the studies at our University, but also for the 9th and 10th grade students who are now thinking about their future. Everyone was eager to ask about all aspects of training, extra-curricular work and leisure. The pupils were able to obtain additional information, necessary contacts from the booklets of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences. Most of the graduates paid serious attention to the specialty "International Relations, Public Communications and Regional Studies".


The meetings were held in a friendly, casual atmosphere of dialogue. Oksana continues to advise interested schoolchildren of her village about joining the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.

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