NULES of Ukraine among Honorary Guests at the Ukrainian-Armenian Reception: Imagine Armenia Forum

2 грудня 2019 року

Morning rush, as usual: I don't have time, I'm late, even without breakfast ... an unusual route from home I go to the Hilton Hotel in the heart of Ukraine, not to my favorite NULES. Traffic, I am nervous, make a note of questions for interview with the Ambassador and distinguished speakers of the forum. I hasten to the meeting - this day promises to be special and unforgettable ...

Large-scale Imagine Armenia Forum gathering about 300 people were Ukrainian prominent personalities, Armenian Diaspora, honorary representatives of Armenia. Guests were welcomed by Tyhran Seyranyan, Extraordinary Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Armenia to Ukraine, diplomats and MPs including NULES graduates. The event participants were met with a friendly scientific-diplomatic discussion on strengthening friendly relations between our countries. Suren Petrosyan has just returned from Belgium, a number of important issues have been discussed in Brussels as part of an international group, including the importance of the modern geopolitical vector of partnership between Armenia, Ukraine and the EU.

As the head of our “Young Journalist” media-circle, I was able to talk to each of the speakers during a coffee break, the participants were pleasantly impressed with the level of preparation of the journalists at NULES, and were glad to share their thoughts for the series of interviews we prepared
Our manager was brought a toy "bear student" - a gift from Yerevan. Our colleagues offered to visit Armenia and thanked for their invitation to visit NULES. We communicated vigorously with colleagues from Armenian University.

Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tbilisi, Amsterdam, and now Kyiv are all geographies of the forum where everyone has the opportunity to fall in love with Armenia: its mentality, customs and such attractive landscapes and study programs of universities and colleges.
The bulk of the invitees are people of Armenian descent who live, work or study in Ukraine for a long time, although I, as Ukrainians, found it incredibly interesting to learn something new about a part of our world - immersing yourself in a new culture is always cool.

And here, on the stage of the magnificent hall, the first speaker, the President of the Armenian Initiative Foundation, Mr. Aik Agvanyan, began his speech with a phrase that I immediately made to my top notes: "People live where they are well ..." moment - picture of the ticket, with the point of departure and arrival "where from you want and where to you want". Only this idea was reinforced by the representative of the American University of Armenia Arina Zohrabyan - a person whose geography of residence is in such countries as Great Britain, Iran, USA, Canada, Spain and Armenia. Carefully delving into every phrase of her incredible experience, I was spinning only one thought: "Extend geography inside and out ..."
As a journalist, I noticed the skill at height: the ability of the speaker to stay on stage, and giving information in presentations is a completely different level: juicy images, a minimum of text, slides you do not want to look away from.

Such events are a great opportunity to meet old friends and meet new people. One of them is Emma Marashlyan, a spokeswoman for PhotoAtelier Marashlyan. The history of the company began with photo shoots in Armenian traditional costumes from different regions of Armenia, and now MarashlyanMaison is a world of high-quality handbags, silver jewelry in the spirit of Armenian traditions and values, with such special love and warmth ...


As we left the forum, we were full of energy. Communicating with successful people is always a charge of special emotions, an opportunity to learn from the best, to expand your own outlook.
From the stage, the question "Raise the hand of those who have not been to Armenia" flashed from the scene. I want to travel, write articles and take pictures of our beautiful world.
Weekends - not only for the holidays, and we proved it - our "Young Journalist" circle is the most active! There is no stopping point in life for learning, because it will either develop or tomorrow you will be missed by competitors! I am grateful to Veronika Vasylivna Chekalyuk for her studies and interesting events that inspire bright photos, videos and exciting material that we write with all members of the circle.

The material is prepared by
Antonina Kornienko,
Head of the circle “Young journalist”

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