Doing Good Together: The 27th Charity Bazaar in Kyiv

1 грудня 2019 року

The calendar is already hinting at winter, and although there is neither snowy weather nor a New Year's mood, in the heart of the capital I found a true New Year's tale - the 27th Charity Bazaar at the NSC “Olimpiyskyi”.

As soon as Veronika Vasilivna - the head of the media-circle “Young journalist” – and I crossed the threshold of VIP-entry for journalists, I seemed to get into something incredible.

Eyes are scattered about the variety of colors, but you do not understand what language sounds - there is nothing to be surprised. Representatives from all over the world came here - even the most remote points on the map - to proudly represent their country and become ambassadors for charity.

For the 27th consecutive year, Charity Bazaar has been bringing together embassies, volunteers, Ukrainians and even foreigners, and all the money raised on this day goes to charity.

Master classes and games for children, a cultural program - dance, music, crafts, and even visitors could try their luck in the lottery.
A charity fair is an incredible journey that cannot be forgotten.
Choose any corner on the map of the world - and dive into the culture, customs and colors with your head! The new and the unknown is calling!

Hoşgeldiniz! - say our friends from Turkey, which means "Welcome!" At the bazaar you can learn new words of any language. Taste the finest French wines, French fries in American and real Bavarian beer - you don't even have to go to Oktoberfest.
In just an hour, I tried moose milk, conveyed the wishes of Santa Claus, felt the incendiary Cuban flavor, and even tried on a Latin American poncho brought straight from Peru.





National motives are heard from here, oriental dances in national silk costumes and on stage are decorated with precious details.
I almost came to closing, but time passed unusually quickly. Such activities bring us back to childhood - a carefree time. A time when we all believed in miracles, miracles and Santa Claus. Charity Bazaar is a symbolic event on New Year's Eve that makes it clear that good should be done regardless of age, because it returns 100 times.

The material is prepared by
Antonina Kornienko,
monitor of the circle “Young journalist”

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