“GOOD MATTERS FORUM”: media-circle “Young journalist of NULES of Ukraine” is among the invited

27 листопада 2019 року

 New Day ... New Opportunities ... Studying, meetings, acquaintances... I am happy to study at NULES ...
As soon as the clock hinted at the end of the last class, we with Veronika Vasylivna Chekalyuk - the head of the media-circle "Young journalist" - went to the Forum of good deeds.
We headed to the exquisite and elegant "Chocolate House" in the heart of Kyiv, which brought together more than 88 people - representatives of charitable foundations, public organizations, who are not indifferent to the good of the Ukrainians. Here, the people for whom "charity", "help", "support" are not just high-pitched words, but an opportunity to make the world a little better.



Speakers include founders, community activists, academics.
“In my childhood, in the camps where I used to rest, many children were from children’s houses. This laid the foundation for my future business. We focus on regional boarding schools, because basically no one can travel 100 km from Odessa and simply do not get there. Everyone has his/her main and shadow goal. My main goal is to help get young people out of clubs, bad companies. Before a volunteer event, I always say, "Come with me!" It is much more interesting to be useful", - the founder of the charity organization "Angels of Odessa" Iryna Redko shares her story.
Volunteering is only gaining momentum. According to Iryna only 2 persons out of 2000 will be interested, and only 1 person will come.

On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, Veronika Chekalyuk - Assistant Professor of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication of NULES of Ukraine also did a good job – made a collection of musical works entitled "Lullabies of the World Nations", to make moms chant Ukrainian, Belarussian and Armenian tunes in their homes. I was entrusted with the honorable mission of giving gifts by being delegated to the stage so that I, as the head of our group, could hand over these spiritual gifts to the organizers.
20 copies: lullabies with song books and music albums were gratefully passed on for the good with gratitude for organizing the Forum.
The album itself consists of 20 lullabies from different peoples of the world, including works in Ukrainian, Armenian, Belarussian and English - so-called lullabies of all peoples. The uniqueness of the project is that the plate carries a 100% positive charge. When children grow up balanced, confident, hardened, capable of overcoming adversity, then Ukraine will be strong and invincible, free, and that will be the greatest happiness for the people.
- The purpose of the project is to support girls (future mothers) to nurture a spiritually and culturally enriched society, and to charge the children with positive energy at bedtime, because lullaby is not just a song - it is programming for rest, peace, harmony. If a person has a good rest – he/she feels good, develops, works, reaches the tops - shares her impressions Veronika Chekalyuk.

Let us make, each of us, a good cause on New Year's Eve: a pleasant gift, unselfish help, or a genuine smile.
After all, good deeds must be voiced, marked and set as an example!

Material (text and photo, video) prepared
Antonina Kornienko
3rd year student of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics
Head of the “Junior Journalist” Circle

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