Veronika Chekalyuk presented the picture for the Day of Ukraine’s Defender

27 листопада 2019 року

 “Souls have eyes, look through the ages - embrace your Ukraine by
a prayer for a brighter life”, - Veronika Chekalyuk

On November 26, at 13.00, an art event opened in Kyiv: presentation of a painting for the Defender of Ukraine Day. “This is a picture-amulet - the genetics of the work conveys the excitement of the woman-caregiver of the Trypillia times, the women's prayer is sincere and always helped the soldiers in their lives. Prayer opens the heavens for miracles, prayer saves and gives man the keys to life and development. This work carries an absolute positive, good and faith in Ukraine's bright happy future. I invite you to visit museums and vernissages, libraries, find your inspiration in the wise and the beautiful, "- the author of the work, image-maker Veronica Cekalyuk shares her emotions, who presented her symbolic painting "Prayer for Ukraine."
On this day, regular visitors and admirers of Veronika Chekalyuk's art were invited to the V. Vynnychenko library. Warm words of greetings, flowers and sweets added a special comfort and atmosphere of peace and friendship to the event.



 Veronika Chekalyuk shares her impressions, “I plan a series of works dedicated to the history of our country, I see its bright pages, I want people to know more about Ukraine's achievements about our strengths and beautiful historical moments… all this is in the plans, I hope that by spring 202 I will be able to present my exhibition of paintings and installations to the art community - "Beloved Ukraine". My paintings are my excitement and joy, my thoughts. I write by feelings…»
Sincere congratulations of fellow scientists, flowers of the Library Directorate and warm words inspire further creativity.

Maria Kotova,
Circle “Junior Journalist of NULES of Ukraine”

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