The Department of Pedagogy joined the Open-Door Day at NULES of Ukraine

26 листопада 2019 року

 On November 22, 2019, the Open-Door Day was again held at NULES of Ukraine. This is the third Open-Door Day this fall. This time, the graduates of schools, high schools, gymnasiums, colleges and vocational colleges from different regions of Ukraine became guests of the University. Department of Pedagogy, headed by R.V. Sopivnyk gladly met those who came to see our University with their own eyes.

The program of the event included a meeting of the participants of the Open-Door Day, presentation of the scientific achievements of the faculties and ESIs, a meeting with the rector of the University Stanislav Nikolaenko, a speech by the responsible secretary of the admission committee, Larysa Koropets, who presented the Rules of admission to study at the NULES of Ukraine in 2020, performances of the creative teams of the Department of Cultural Studies of NULES of Ukraine, presentation of ESIs and faculties, laboratories and departments.

The future students of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics were greeted by the Dean of the Faculty, Professor Shynkaruk V.D., heads of departments and deputy deans. Welcoming the youth, they presented the specialties under which specialists are trained at the faculty. They also spoke about the specialty “Vocational Education”, obtaining this specialty students would receive “two in one” - pedagogical education and professional specialization, and about the specialty “Educational, Pedagogical Sciences” (“Pedagogy of Higher School”). Future students have watched a promotional video of the faculty, prepared, incidentally, by the students themselves.

During the meeting with the graduates, which took place in the assembly hall, the University was presented to the youth by its rector - Stanislav Nikolaenko, who shared with the younger generation his own secret of success. According to the rector, the components of personal success are: 40% - good genetics, 30% - social conditions (which, among other things, give the opportunity to get a quality education in our University) and 30% - diligence. But as an illustration, Jim Collins' "From Good to Great" model is based on disciplined people, disciplined thinking and disciplined actions.

Responsible Secretary of the Admissions Committee Larysa Koropets shared her experience with the alumni committee. She described how to become a successful entrant in 2020 and drew the participants' attention to the novelties and important points of the entrance campaign. The speeches of both the rector and the secretary of the admissions committee did not leave the listeners indifferent, they had many questions. Therefore, it can be considered that the Open-Door Day was successful. Oleksandr Pavelko, Head of the Student Organization of the University, spoke enthusiastically about the fun, rich, colorful student life, interesting projects and activities. Our dear artists, with the help of colleagues from the Department of Cultural Studies, prepared a wonderful concert program, which, as always, was a "hurray."

The meeting with the entrants at the Department of Pedagogy continued, where in a warm and friendly atmosphere one could communicate and get answers to their questions.
The Department of Pedagogy gladly welcomed guests from the Municipal Institution of the Irpin Town Council of the Irpin Academic Lyceum of NULES of Ukraine, in Irpin, from which a group of about 25 people, together with an accompanying person - Rudenko Natalia Ivanivna, came to the event. We are very grateful to the leadership of the Lyceum, Natalia Ivanivna and our colleague, Yeresko Oleh Viktorovych, who invited the guests to our University.
From Putrivskyi TEC, to be exact, from Putrivskyi Training- educational complex "Gymnasium - comprehensive school of I-III degrees - preschool educational institution" of Vasylkiv district council of Kyiv region, in the village of Putrivka, a group of about 10 people came along with the accompanying person - the teacher-organizer Oksana Vasylivna. We are very grateful to the management of the institution, Oksana Vasylivna, as well as our colleagues - Victoria Kapustyanchyk, a master's student and Oleksandr M. Prokhorchuk, who invited the guests to our University.
The Department of Pedagogy was pleased to meet other guests, namely students of the Academic Lyceum "Erudite" in the Kyiv region of the Kyevo-Svyatoshinskyi district, from which a group of about 15 people, along with an accompanying person Anna Anatoliivna, came to the event. We are very grateful to the leadership of the Lyceum, Anna Anatoliivna and her colleague, Kovalchuk Tamara Ivanivna, who invited the Lyceum alumni to the event.
From the Gymnasium No. 179, located in the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv (it is our longtime friend and partner), a group of 15 people came along to the Open-Door Day with their accompanying person, Iryna Rudnichenko,. We sincerely thank the management of the high school for the support, as well as our colleague, Vasyuk Oksana Viktorivna, who invited the high school graduates to the event.

In total, more than 65 graduates of these educational institutions were able to get acquainted with our University.
We are grateful again and again to the heads of the educational institutions for their help and support, as well as to the instructors and colleagues who organized and accompanied the student groups!
We hope that the graduates of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums of Ukraine, who visited the Open-Door Day, will soon be joining the ranks of students of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine.
Until We Meet Again!

Associate Professor of Pedagogy,
responsible for the career guidance of the department,
Matsenko Lesya Mykolaivna

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