Winter is a time period of scientific exchanges with colleagues and internships. Science and Nature: Kyiv - Riga (Science and Practice)

25 листопада 2019 року

In January Jūrmala is a mystical sea, lonely and calm, soothingly romantic. The deserted coast, the white shores, the measured noise of the sea, sad screams of the seagulls, the endless conversations over hot herbal tea - this is how glamorous Jūrmala is in winter. The Baltic Sea is incredible, I hope to see this beauty sometime in the summer ...
Riga is a cozy and comfortable city, in the center there are compact streets, exquisite old houses, cute cafes, cozy gift shops, friendly people...
“Even in winter vacations, I enjoy working because science is a lifestyle. On holidays there is an opportunity to meet with foreign colleagues; we meet to exchange experiences and discuss global directions of educational development. According to the results, we prepare articles that later grow into collective monographs. So in January 2019 the fascination with science and innovative research led to a unique museum of medicine, where in one of the halls, there is a unique collection of medicinal plants. I immediately mentioned about the museum of medicinal plants in our native NULES of Ukraine», - shares the impressions of visiting a unique project and scientific meeting Veronika Chekalyuk, associate professor of journalism and language communication, associate professor in Riga, - we have long planned this trip and in January 2019 such an opportunity arose. I’m sincerely grateful to our colleagues for an exclusive excursion, acquaintance with work of the National University, and especially for excursions to the laboratories and the Museum of Navigation, called the "heart of Riga".
Riga is a city with a special charm, which, of course, is created by the atmosphere of the sea, which is felt even by the aromas in the air, and elegant and cozy architectural houses, which are distinguished by their sophisticated style! After the University, visiting the library was a walk in winter Riga - it is a real adventure - beautiful and inspiring, empty of tourists, because it is quite cold..




Colleagues emphasized a favorable attitude towards Ukraine and a willingness to cooperate. From my stories, video presentations and photo album about life in Kyiv, they became interested in the scientific production base and the museums and more than a century of NULES history. Our University is worth visiting by anyone who will come to Ukraine in 2020, especially to the participants of NULES conferences.

Photo from Veronika Chekalyuk’s archive
Text: Diana Kolesnyk

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