The “Kolos” song and dance ensemble named after S.A. Semenovskyi successfully confirmed the title of “the Folk”

25 листопада 2019 року

November 23 for the folk song and dance ensemble "Kolos" named after S.A. Semenovskyi was a busy, complex and even decisive day. It was on this day that our favorite team among nearly a dozen other amateur collectives of the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv was certified for the honorary title of “the Folk". Unlike other bands, “Kolos” is always experiencing more difficulties in doing it, because if the Houses of Culture members of vocal and choreographic ensembles often do not change for more than ten years in succession, then “Kolos” has new youth at every defense – which are new students of our University, whom managers still need to teach not to let the glorious ensemble down.
The fact that it would be difficult to fight for the confirmation of the title was made clear after the first programs presented by the appraisal committee were discussed: the commission was not only strict and demanding, but even meticulous - in its decision a proposal was made not to certify one of the collectives. That is why there is anxiety in the ranks of our “Kolossists” and tension in the hearts of their leaders, because the amateur groups are treated almost as professional. Everything was of great importance – from the harmony of the stage work, the flawless vocals and choreography - to the stage wear, the properly dressed wreaths and the tied edges.
“Kolos” is on stage already. And gradually the anxiety in the eyes of both the choir and ballet band members dissolved - the support of the hall was unlimited, and the strict certification committee, which by all rules, should be impartial, began to sing and also did not refrain from applause. And also - the "Kolossists" were genuinely cheering for each other, and when the choir performed on the stage, the dancers sang backstage, when the ballet group was on the stage, 70 choir participants were dancing backstage.
Fortunately, the certification committee did not have to wait for a long time: “Kolos” could not leave the stage when its chairman - director of the Kyiv City Center of Folk Art and Cultural Studies, Honored Culture Worker of Ukraine Mykola Mykhaylovych Peresunko - rose to young artists and announced: ensemble of song and dance "Kolos" from now on, for three more years, deservedly and confidently bears the title of "folk amateur collective". I do not think that anyone who knows “Kolos” doubted such a decision, but it was worth seeing the stormy joy of the “Kolossists”, the tears in the eyes of both girls and boys, the ardent embrace of the “Kolos” family, and the tired but happy, senior lecturers of the Department of Cultural Studies. Volodymyr Yakymchuk and Olha Saurina.

My sincere gratitude to each of the hundred members of the friendly “Kolos” who carry and multiply their glory. Low bow to Volodymyr Yakovych Yakymchuk, who took on the difficult burden of preserving the team and leading it, and Olha Ivanivna Saurina, who in a difficult time for the ballet group was able to rally it and bring it to the stage to confirm the title.

We love you, “Kolos”! You're the best!

Iryna Maidanyuk,
Head of the Department of Cultural Studies

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