Humanitarians open the door to the future

22 листопада 2019 року

 The Open Door Day at NULES of Ukraine is a landmark event for the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. On November 22, it was crowded here, as it was always in those days. If a few weeks ago, on October 31 - November 1, the Young Journalist School debuted, where eighteen graduates of the Pryluky Humanitarian and Pedagogical College named after I.Y. Franko was awarded the first certificates, and now the Department of Journalism and Language Communication also met its future entrants, including graduates of Kyiv Makarenko Vocational and Pedagogical College, Gymnasium No. 179, Specialized School of I-III degrees with advanced study of French No. 269 and Ecology-Nature Lyceum No. 116 of Kyiv, the Supporting Institution of Education "Karapyshiv Academic Lyceum", the Novosilkv Academic Lyceum "Erudite" of the Kyiv-Svyatoshynskyi District Council, Pustovitivska General Education school of Myronovskyi district of Kyiv region and other basic educational institutions.
Class-room 128 of the third building could barely accommodate anyone. Headmasters of schools, lyceums and colleges, teachers were present.


The Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics Vasyl Shynkaruk in his speech emphasized the benefits of studying at NULES, the University's leadership among the higher education institutions of the capital and Ukraine in general. He also spoke about the possibilities of obtaining a double diploma, about the uniqueness of the natural conditions in which our students live and study.
The heads of the graduating departments - Doctors of Sciences, Professors Natalia Kostrytsya (Department of Journalism and Language Communication), Natalia Aristova (Department of English Philology), Serhiy Bilan (Department of International Relations and Social Sciences) spoke about the peculiarities of various specialties, their advantages and opportunities. In particular, Professor Natalia Kostrytsya emphasized that the Department of Journalism is one of the most creative in the faculty. Extremely interesting personalities work here, communicating with which gives students many opportunities for creative growth. These include the People's Artists of Ukraine - Tetiana Tsymbal and Vasyl Ivashchuk, and Honored Journalists of Ukraine - Ivan Chyzh and Oleksandr Savenko, who headed the State Television and Radio Broadcasting Committee of Ukraine. The department has a page on the website of the University under the heading "Student Digest", where students from the first year of study are able to publish their own materials.


The meetings with the deans of the faculties prepared the future entrants for communication with the rector of the University - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko. Noting the advantages of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine both in our country and among the countries of Europe, the rector drew attention of the attendees, in particular, to the relatively low cost of studying at NULES, and to the largest number of government orders among higher education institutions of Ukraine. He also emphasized the unique opportunity to obtain a double diploma without unnecessary expense, having only strong knowledge of a foreign language. "We have to go to Europe not to work, but to acquire the knowledge so that we can reach the level of Europe with our work," he said.
An interesting and useful for future entrants was the speech of the responsible secretary of the Admissions Committee, Larysa Koropets, who spoke about the features of the inaugural campaign - 2020, preparatory courses for joining the NULES, answered numerous questions of guests.



Speech of Oleksandr Pavelkat, President of the NULESU Student Organization of Ukraine left indifferent no one present, as well as an amateur concert prepared by students. Further, University guests and entrants were able to view the exhibition of faculties' achievements and visit the Museum of History of NULES of Ukraine.

Tetiana Chumak,
member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine,
Senior Lecturer at the Department of Journalism and Language Communication

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