Exhibition of Creative Works "Man of the 21st Century" for the World Philosophy Day

21 листопада 2019 року

A person ... who, as a living person, thinks, feels, makes decisions, dreams, and allows himself to truly dream, can he be frank and courageous? What helps one to hear oneself, build true relationships, understand and love others? The image of a person of the 21st century is as colorful and ambiguous as one can imagine…
For the World Philosophy Day, the Department of Philosophy of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine organized an exhibition of creative works "Man of the 21st Century". The image of the person of the 21st century was reproduced by the students of agro-biological, veterinary, humanitarian-pedagogical, economic, legal and other faculties of NULES of Ukraine.



Sometimes artistic images can tell much more than words. We are all from childhood, apparently, so images attract our attention as magnets and leave no one indifferent. The students' creative works told many stories, they contained a lot of hope, joy, humor and desire for the best, and as Pablo Picasso said, "everything you can imagine is real."
We are grateful to everyone who joined the initiative of the department and helped to create an incredible holiday spirit!


Congratulations on the World Philosophy Day!

Oksana Dubrovina,
Assistant of the Department of Philosophy

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