The boundless world of Hryhoriy Skovoroda's philosophy in the research of young scientists of NULES of Ukraine

20 листопада 2019 року

We dream for the future, and neglect the contemporary:
we strive for what is absent,
and we neglect what is available,
as if the past could go back,
or maybe it should come true ...
H.S. Skovoroda

The third day of the Philosophy Week became saturated and fruitful. On November 20, at the initiative of the Department of Philosophy and support of the Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk, within the framework of the Skovoroda exercises, a scientific and methodological seminar "Worldview and Sociocultural Transformations during the Postmodern Period: Hopes, Realities, Problems” in which students of all the faculties and ESI of NULES of Ukraine participated, was held.


For general education, the main source of knowledge about the phenomenon of Skovoroda and his practical, moral, world-view, nature-friendly, culturally appropriate teaching, the spiritual image of Skovoroda, which is formed in the minds and memory of students, is becoming an achievement of the whole society – an effective factor in society’s self-knowledge, moral maturity and cultural and social self-development.

The methodological basis of the scientific and methodological seminar was the principle "Know yourself", developed by H.S. Skovoroda. This approach allowed the organizers to declare a wide range of discussion questions that were answered not only in the student environment, but also among senior students and graduate students.



The dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk, who was the main moderator of the event, and the Head of the Department of Philosophy Inna Savytska addressed the welcoming speech to the participants and guests of the seminar. They emphasized the importance and necessity of such measures, noting that the creativity of the Ukrainian Prophets does not lose its relevance today. The problems of self-knowledge, related work, interpersonal relationships, and the search for happiness remain eternal. Professor of the Department of Philosophy - Svitlana Storozhuk, moderator of the event noted that to know oneself is to understand the life program of one’s own soul, and through oneself to realize his/her own place in the world and fulfill his/her unique calling.

The honorary guest of the event was Doctor of Philosophy, Honored Journalist of Ukraine, Member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, General Director of “Ildana” TV and Radio Company Mykhailo Kalinichenko. In his report he stressed that the philosophical heritage of H.S. Skovoroda is versatile, and the main appeal of the artist is the formula of happiness: "faith-freedom-love". Creativity of a prominent Ukrainian philosopher covers a variety of aspects of human life: science, religion, culture, art. It is only natural that his ideas are relevant today. Oleksandr Shokalo, editor-in-chief of the popular Ukrainian magazine "Ukrainian World", orientalist, translator, publicist, public figure, member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine, is the initiator and author of the concept of the All-Ukrainian Fiction Studies "Know Yourself". The pathos of his report consisted in the practical following the principles of life taught by H.S. Skovoroda, which remain extremely relevant today.




Instructors of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication took active part in the seminar: Honored Journalist of Ukraine Oleksandr Savenko and People's Artist of Ukraine, Academician of the Television Academy of Ukraine Tetiana Tsymbal.
Within the framework of the event, students from all faculties of NULES of Ukraine made interesting reports. In their speeches on various aspects and dimensions, they interpreted the main principles and ideas of the Ukrainian wandering philosopher in the context of contemporary socio-cultural problems.






The topic of the seminar was so interesting for the participants that there were lively discussions, deep philosophical opinions were expressed. Particular attention was paid to happiness, self-discovery, education, security, freedom of choice, the rights of the child, gender equality and many other topical issues. These issues, in turn, were thematically related to the International Day for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, which is marked annually on November 20 by the resolution of the UN. The highlight of this intellectual event was a short film by journalists-beginners of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics - “H. Skovoroda: traces on the earth."





In general, the scientific and methodological seminar discussed the problems and realities, expressed the hopes and outlined the prospects for world-view and socio-cultural transformations in the Postmodern period. In particular, for the students of our University, it was another step in expanding the experience of scientific activity, improving their communication skills and showing deep interest in philosophical science.

Associate Professors of the Department of Philosophy:
Olena Lauta, Iryna Matvienko,
Dmytro Chornomordenko

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