Systemic Family Psychotherapy in the “School of Practical Psychology” Project

12 листопада 2019 року

 Psychologists of all courses of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of NULES of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Psychology Vitaly Shmarhun and its instructors Anzhelika Shamne, Larysa Afanasenko, Oksana Oliynyk have united around a common professional interest - systemic family psychotherapy.
The Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of NULES of Ukraine hosted a master class on "Systemic psychotherapy - a modern environmental approach in individual, family and group setting", which was conducted by experienced system psychotherapists Olena Bykova and Olena Khalik for future psychologists. The master class was organized within the framework of the project “School of Practical Psychology” of the Department of Psychology (project manager - Professor Anzhelika Shamne).

Systemic family psychotherapy is unique in that the client of the psychotherapist and the object of psychotherapeutic influence is not the individual but the whole family system. Therapy in this approach is determined by the fact that any system, including the family, obeys both the law of homeostasis (the family strives for stability) and the law of development (the family seeks to go through all stages of the life cycle).

Future psychologists have understood this as an example of dealing with conflicts between the parent and child subsystems of the family. Participants realized that systemic family psychotherapy has a powerful potential to help family members, including in resolving child-parent conflicts. Through their own experience in the course of the master class, they became acquainted with the basic principles of systemic psychotherapy: hypothetical (construction and testing of hypotheses about the functioning of the system), circularity (circular causality of events in systems), neutrality (maintaining neutral position by a psychotherapist), etc.

On the example of the symbolic representation of the conflict in the family, students worked out such techniques of systemic therapy as circular issues, scaling in space and on paper, arrangement with figures, static and dynamic sculptures, role-playing of the conflict.
In the group work, participants saw how a psychologist can help to understand the meaning of conflict through the technique of "arrangement with figures". For this purpose, each group of participants presented a specific model of the family system and the conflict in it. Each group offered each other a "gift" that could be a resource for a family system with a conflict relationship.

The wonderful effect of the master class was the emergence of the professional space of future psychologists of all courses of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, who thanks to the project had a unique direct interaction and the opportunity to feel the spirit of the professional community. It inspired both students and us, instructors of the Department of Psychology, with its energy, creativity, search, openness and emotionality.
Psychologists of NULES of Ukraine sincerely thank psychotherapists Olena Khalik and Olena Bykova for their professionalism, which they shared, and for their wonderful opportunity to join the world of systemic psychotherapy from the first steps of university study!

Looking forward to your next project meeting!
School of Practical Psychology

Shamne Anzhelika,
Head of the “School of Practical Psychology” project,
Professor of the Department of Psychology

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