Acknowledgments for active participation in the All-Ukrainian Student Essay Competition "It is Fashionable to be Intelligent"

11 листопада 2019 року

 OPTIMEDIA Limited Liability Company, a member of the “Open Media Group” media holding company, expresses its gratitude for the support of the social project of motivation of the modern youth and the opportunity for the students to participate in the all-Ukrainian competition "It is Fashionable to be Intelligent".
It should be reminded that during 25.05.2019-30.09.2019 the “Open Media Group” Media Holding held a contest "It is Fashionable to be Intelligent" for receiving grants for training in higher educational establishments. Participants were encouraged to write an essay on "Ukraine: Problems and Directions to Solve It on the Road to EU Integration" and to apply for a grant.
And so, we thank the student of the 2nd year of the specialty "International Relations" Solodka Kateryna Vitaliivna for her active participation in the essay competition " It is Fashionable to be Intelligent ". It was interesting to know your opinion on the essence of the country's problems, methods of working with them, reforming, finding ways to solve them and directions for improving certain industries.
It is a pleasure to underline a rather active patriotic position noticed in the work, as well as to indicate the willingness of the participants to study and work on the development of industries for the welfare of the state and every single citizen.
Having done every work, we confidently note that we are proud of our future specialists and are confident that Ukraine is in safe hands! And so, WE ARE THANKFUL TO YOU, to the whole academic staff of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine! Each of you germinates the grain that will eventually bear fruit, which the whole country will be proud of!
OPTIMEDIA Ltd., and the resources of Likar, Nadra, Uaua, E-kvytok sincerely wish each participant success in learning and creative achievements! Together we proved: " It is Fashionable to be Intelligent"!

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