The Center for French-speaking Education and Culture is expanding cooperation with Belgium

5 листопада 2019 року

The Center for French-speaking Education and Culture of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics organized a Days of Belgian Culture on October 28-31. Educational and cultural project "Découvrons la Royaume Belgique ensemble" ("We open the Kingdom of Belgium together") was joined by students of the specialties "Philology" and "International Relations".
International seminar "French-speaking Intercultural Communication: Social Challenges for Youth" with the participation of the Belgian with Ukrainian roots Ivan Timoshenko, chairman of the charity organization "De famille à famille" (Belgium), specialist in information technologies of ARCELOR attracted great interest.

Our Belgian speaker shared the findings of European scientists on global challenges for the younger generation, and the Belgian in particular. In his opinion, the studies of Cecil Van de Veld, professor of the Montreal University and honorary lecturer of the Higher School of Social Sciences of Paris on the problems of Paris young people in Europe were especially valuable.
Mr. Timoshenko also focused on youth issues in contemporary Ukraine. After all, nowadays there are many young people who want to get a good job, professional skills and to understand the meaning of their lives. It is not easy to exist, but to really do something important for our country and for our planet as a whole.
Ivan Timoshenko has visited Ukraine many times, traveled to the east of our country three times, so he does not know from the news, but in reality, what is happening in the ATO zone, organized humanitarian aid for the children of this zone.
The guest shared his life experience, of course, he motivated students to learn foreign languages, including French.

A friendly, positive atmosphere prevailed during the meeting. Ivan often joked and talked about interesting cases from his life. He emphasized that our future, or rather the keys to it, are in the hands of young people. Therefore, it is necessary to learn and develop in order to make all actions conscious and responsible.

Natalia Rudnytska,
Director of the Center for French-speaking Education and Culture
Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics


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