Applicant - 2020! Humanitarians open the door

3 листопада 2019 року

The Days of Open Door are already traditional in the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, and for the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics as well.
Today, on November 1, students from Kyiv region and representatives of other regions of Ukraine came to visit us. Administration and heads of graduating departments of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, headed by Doctor of Philology, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk, together with the best students, told the young people about the peculiarities of studying in our university, employment prospects, conditions for admission to each specialty. Information on the specialties "International Relations", "Vocational Education", "Philology (English and German)", "Psychology", "Social Work", "Journalism" was provided. The owners did not forget to focus on new specializations - "Information and communication technologies in education", "Personnel management", "Social and psychological rehabilitation".

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics, Associate Professor Yaroslav Rudyk provided comprehensive information on the peculiarities of' training specialists at the faculty, spoke about the key differences in the specialties, and the instructor of the Department of Physical Education Olena Otroshko told about the students' sports records at the faculty and invited the future applicants to the classes in sports sections of the University.

The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics, Professor Svitlana Kharchenko and the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Associate Professor Inna Savytska continued to characterize the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics as a center for humanitarian and pedagogical education and science.

Head of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication, Professor Natalia Kostrytsya told the students how the students of Journalism specialty receive practical training in the editorial offices of newspapers, magazines, television and radio companies, online publications and news agencies, and invited everyone to join the classes at the Young Journalist's School.

The Head of the Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation, Professor Lesya Viktorova, told about an interesting training in the specialty "Social Work". And the invited first-year students of this specialty explained to the guests how social workers carry out activities on social-pedagogical assistance and social-psychological rehabilitation of all categories of the population.

Head of the Department of Pedagogy, Professor Ruslan Sopivnyk revealed the peculiarities of training specialists in the specialty "Vocational Education" and outlined a wide range of opportunities for graduates of the educational program "Information and Communication Technologies in Education", aimed at gaining profound knowledge by the students, skills and information technologies in education that will enable them to effectively apply modern ICTs for the organization of educational and cognitive activity, designing information and educational environment of the educational institutions.

Professor Natalia Kravchenko, Head of the Department of Romance-German Languages and Translation, spoke about the advantages of studying foreign languages, and Associate Professor Alla Kravchenko stressed the benefits of studying at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, namely: double degree programs, double degree programs, internships in Poland, Germany, China, foreign language learning opportunities. She did not forget to say a few words about the Center for Studying Foreign Languages, the Center for Polonics and the Center for Francophone Education and Culture.

After the meeting with the rector of NULES of Ukraine, Professor Stanislav Nikolaenko, the future school graduates visited modern classrooms and laboratories, media laboratories, computer classes of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, saw a powerful material and technical base and highly appreciated modern interior of the study rooms.


We are grateful to the entrants and guests who came to visit us today and became interested in joining a large, friendly family of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics.

Oksana Ponomarenko,
Associate Professor of English
for technical and agrobiological specialties
Alina Suprun, Dmytro Chornomordenko,
Associate Professors of the Department of Philosophy 

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