An interactive Polish lesson

1 листопада 2019 року

 On October 30, 2019 - on the third day of fruitful work of the Autumn School "Young Philologist", an interactive lesson on Polish was held for students. Virtually traveling the Polish cities under the musical accompaniment of the famous Polish singer, performer of the bard songs Grzegorz Turnau, an associate professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and Translation Kolodina L.S. introduced students to the basic linguistic courtesy formulas that Poles use during meetings and farewells.

After listening to the alphabet, quite successful (as for beginners) trying to count from 1 to 10, getting acquainted with the names of fruits and vegetables, as well as colors the surprised students learned that the table in Polish is stół, carpet - dywan, cup - kubek, pen - pióro, back - plecy, fruits - owoce, etc. And even the symbol of Halloween pumpkin - sounds dynia in Polish, which immediately destroyed all stereotypes about the lexical similarity of our languages.




The virtual trip "The capitals of Poland: Gniezno, Krakow, Warsaw" aroused great interest among the listeners. Each of these cities is covered by legends, fabulous events and bold heroes with extraordinary abilities. Pupils browsed the photo galleries of these cities, listened to the hejnał of the Mariatic Church and the history of its construction, the legend of King Krak and the Wawel Dragon, learned about the origin of the Polish coat of arms and many other things.
At the end of the class, the students demonstrated their attentiveness, interest and motivation by drawing linguistic turns of courtesy, names of fruits and vegetables in Polish from the proposed puzzles.

We hope that in a few years the representatives of this audience thirsty for the knowledge will join our friendly family of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, choosing philology as their future specialty.

Kolodina L.S.
Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Languages and translation

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