Quest for English language skills at the Botanical Garden of NULES of Ukraine

31 жовтня 2019 року

 At the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics the “Young Philologist” Week has been lasting for the second day. And since the word philology in Greek means “love of words”, the instructors of the Department of English Philology have decided to involve all young philologists in solving various riddles in English. Senior lecturer of the department developed a quest on the topic "University I want to study in", invented interesting tasks and games for knowledge of English, and all the department instructors joined this event in order to bring their knowledge and love to their chosen profession. While solving the step-by-step tasks, young philologists showed creativity, ability to think outside the box and work in a team, and the senior lecturers of the department Rozhon Iryna Yuriivna and Klymenko Liudmyla Volodymyrivna helped to identify these qualities and abilities. During the pre-planned tasks at the NULESU Botanical Garden, young philologists searched for subjects, communicated in English, learned about the history of our University, demonstrated profound knowledge of English and general erudition. Instructors and young philologists spent this day both with interest and purpose.



We sincerely thank the management of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics for their support and care for the needs of future students, and to young philologists for their sincere smiles and good humor.

Iryna Rozhon and Liudmyla Klymenko,
senior lecturers at the Department of English Philology

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