Meeting with representatives of the Center for Studying Foreign Languages

24 жовтня 2019 року

During their studies, every student passes many exams, but the most responsible moment comes at the end of the fourth year of study.

At the end of October, a meeting with the undergraduate students was held at the University auditorium regarding the Single-Entry Foreign Language Exam in the Magistracy. The event was started by Vice-Rector for Training and Educational Work Serhiy Kvasha, who emphasized that foreign language broadens the outlook of any person and increases the competitiveness of a University graduate in the labor market.

The deputy dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, Svitlana Kharchenko, spoke about the Center for Studying Foreign Languages, emphasizing on what kind of courses and the availability of courses will help to improve the level of English and other languages. She added that the center has been active since September 1 this year and seven groups have been working already in different training programs. Svitlana Kharchenko also added that the Center provides many different opportunities for preparation for SFE, and that all graduates successfully pass the exams.

Iryna Velychko, Assistant Professor at the Department of English Philology, explained the structure of the SFE-test, explained in detail the features of its implementation, emphasized that the tasks are different both in types and complexity.

Admissions Secretary Larysa Koropets spoke about the timing of the admission campaign, including the creation of a personal account, a list of required documents, and drew attention of the students to the difficulties they may encounter during the admission campaign.

In conclusion, Serhiy Kvasha, in summing up, emphasized the importance and responsibility of students during the preparation of SFE and wished the students fruitful work, good knowledge and successful examination.

Sedakova Elyzaveta,
Prykhodko Ivanna, Kharchuk Diana
students of the specialty "Journalism"
Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics

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