NULES of Ukraine held competitions in track and field athletics "Golden Autumn 2019"

20 жовтня 2019 року

On October 17, 2019, competitions were held for the Rector's Cup of NULES of Ukraine in the Golden Autumn 2019 Cross in the forest lane behind the educational building No. 17. The sunny and warm autumn day was filling with energy and the competition took place in a bright and friendly atmosphere. Students competed in the following distances: women – 850 meters, men - 2400 meters.


The winners in the personal competition were:
850 m Run (Women): 1st Place - Olha Hnatyuk (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), 2nd Place - Lyudmyla Smyk (Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics), 3rd Place - Sofia Harmash (Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology);
Running 2400 m (men): 1st place - Dmytro Donenko (Faculty of Agrobiology), 2nd place - Vitaliy Ostapchuk (Faculty of Livestock and Aquatic Bioresources), 3rd place - Andriy Popadin (Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology).


The total results in the team event were determined by the sum of the top fifteen results of the team:
1st place - Faculty of Plant Protection, Biotechnology and Ecology, 1336 points, 25 participants;
2nd place - Faculty of Agrobiology, 1209 points, 21 participants;
3rd place - Faculty of Mechanics and Technology, 1099 points, 21 participants;

4th place - Faculty of constructing and design, 1014 points, 22 participants;
5th place - Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, 885 points, 14 participants;
6th place - National Forestry and Gardening Institute, 734 points, 14 participants;
7th place - Faculty of Information Technology, 690 points, 13 participants;
8th place - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, 679 points, 11 participants;
9th place - Faculty of Livestock and Aquatic Bioresources, 463 points, 5 participants;
10 years - Institute of Energy, Automation and Energy Saving, 245 points, 5 participants;
11th place - Faculty of Food Technology and Quality Management of AIC products, 219 points, 3 participants;
12th place - Faculty of Economics, 180 points, 4 participants;
13th place - Faculty of Law, 104 points, 1 participant.

     Факультет землевпорядкування та ННІ неперервної освіти і туризму – не приймали участі.

     We congratulate the winners and prize-winners of the competition and invite teams and fans to the games of the NULES Basketball Students' National Team of Men's Basketball, which will begin on October 21, 2019, in the game hall of the educational building No. 9.

Olena Otroshko,
Lecturer at the Department of Physical Education,
Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics

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