Drive, Beauty, Jokes - "Freshman Debut" at the Faculty forf Humanities and Pedagogics

18 жовтня 2019 року

On October 17, yesterday's entrants and today freshmen at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics surprised us with their skills and talents, competing in two nominations: a video card where students advertised their specialty and a creative performance. Future journalists, philologists, social workers, psychologists, internationals, educators chose a unique topic for performance that captured everyone present with its content.

The participants competed in creativity, ability to show the features of their future profession. Spectators did not stay away either: students who did not perform on stage, supported by stormy applause and the team of their specialty, and teams of other specialties.

A friendly and positive atmosphere was dominating at the holiday. The freshmen were able to immediately fill the entire hall with endorphins.

Honorary and authoritative jury composed of: Deputy Dean for Educational Affairs Yaroslav Rudyk, Head of the Department of Cultural Studies Iryna Maidanyuk, Head of the Faculty Trade Unions Inna Savytska, Head of the Student Organization of the Faculty Kostyantyn Arkhypenko and a Head of the Media Department of the Faculty Student Organization Alina Chyruk discussed, argued and ultimately determined who was the best.

ВболіваFellows of the academic groups, together with representatives of the staff of graduating departments, came to cheer for the freshmen. Among the most active supporters were the Head of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences Serhiy Bilan, the Head of the Department of Social Work and Rehabilitation Lesia Viktorova, the Head of the Department of Pedagogy Ruslan Sopivnyk, the Head of the Department of Psychology Vitaliy Shmarhun, and the staff of the department of philosophy was presented almost in its entirety. And it is not surprising that they also cheered our freshmen in the specialty "Vocational Education", mentored by the senior instructor of the Department of Philosophy Dmytro Chornomordenko, who took an active part in preparing students for this event and extremely emotionally cheered in the hall for his students.

The honorary first place went to students of the specialty "Social work", journalists and internationals divided the second place, and psychologists, philologists and students of the specialty "Vocational education" – the third place. Surely, all are winners! Because everyone got something for themselves: someone won himself, someone was charged with positive, and someone decided to continue to pursue artistic creativity, because "Song battles", "Holosiivska Spring" and many other interesting things are ahead.

We sincerely thank the Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, Vasyl Shynkaruk, the Vice-deans, the mentors of the academic groups of the first year, the student organization of the faculty, the Department of Cultural Studies and the undergraduate curators for such a bright event as the "Freshman Debut." This event helps us, first-year students, feel like part of a friendly family of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics!

Sedakova Elyzaveta,
1st year student of the specialty “Journalism” of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics

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