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18 жовтня 2019 року


The implementation of the educational activities of the Center for Polonics of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of NULES of Ukraine is aimed at the development of professional and personal growth of future specialists who speak Polish. To achieve this goal, the Centre's instructors are constantly improving and mastering their professional level to keep up with the times.

On October 3-5, 2019, Oksana Zakhutska, instructor of the NULES Polonics Center of Ukraine, participated in the International Scientific and Practical Seminar for Teachers of Polish as a Foreign Language, organized and conducted by experienced methodists at the International School of Polish GLOSSA (Krakow). This time, a meeting of professionals and lovers of the Polish language was held in the capital of the Republic of Poland, Warsaw, and brought together more than 110 participants not only from neighboring Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, but also from Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Vietnam, Australia, etc.

The online seminar program consisted of several sessions dedicated to developing students' basic communication skills in traditional and innovative ways. Speaker Yvonne Stempek - an inspired enthusiast of her craft, an experienced Polish language teacher for foreigners and author of a popular Polski krok po kroku textbook series worldwide, involved participants with innovative methods of working with texts and grammar, demonstrated the use of games, music and sounds for better language perception, encouraged the use of an electronic platform on the Internet as an up-to-date version of homework, etc.

Work of the seminar was full of interesting ideas, meetings, discussions. During breaks over a cup of coffee, you could get acquainted with the educational literature and exchange ideas with new and old friends and like-minded people.

A nice bonus to complete the session was the delivery of certificates to participants. We thank the International School of the Polish Language GLOSSA for such a high-level event and look forward to seeing you again.

Oksana Zakhutska,
Director of the Center for Polonics of
the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of NULES of Ukraine

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