The Importance of Knowledge of English: The Challenges of Today

15 жовтня 2019 року

The processes of globalization and comprehensive informatization of the world society significantly influence the need to reform and improve the quality of higher vocational education in Ukraine.

The Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” and the Decree of the President of Ukraine “On the National Doctrine of Educational Development” make serious requirements for the professional training of a modern specialist in any field of activity, which requires the formation of necessary knowledge and skills, moral qualities, value orientations. And the successful solution of professional tasks by future specialists depends not only on the professional skills and abilities that have been formed, but also on the level of formation of their foreign language communicative competence. It is communicative competence in foreign languages that makes it possible to communicate with people from different countries, establish business and personal contacts, participate in international mobility programs.

The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine emphasizes that the economic development of the country depends on the knowledge of the English language. The higher the level of English proficiency in any industry, the more successful the country is. According to the "Concept of English Language Development at the Universities" (2019), it is envisaged that for entry to higher education institution and admission to the Master's program, it will be necessary to know English at the proper level, namely: at level B1 - to enter higher education institution education; B1 + - for the graduate of EL "Bachelor"; B2 - for students of educational degrees "Master" and "Doctor of Philosophy". A large part of the specialized disciplines is offered to teach in English, to conduct regular "screenings of knowledge", to introduce a compulsory foreign language examination after a bachelor's degree for students of all specialties. That is, without English you will go nowhere!

One of the main problems faced by teachers of foreign language departments is the varying level of students' proficiency in English. It is not easy to achieve a high level, the student needs to think about motivation, a correct and clear time-table, choose the right course of study, counseling and many things more. And here, all students, as always, will be assisted by the instructors of the Departments of English Philology, Foreign Philology and Translation, Romance-Germanic Languages and Translation and English for Technical and Agrobiology specialties.

     On the initiative of V.D. Shynkaruk, Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, and the support of foreign language instructors at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, all the necessary conditions have been created to achieve the goal of mastering English at a high level.
     Dear students! You have been very fortunate that at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics a foreign language learning center has been operating for several years now, offering undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and university students courses in English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Romanian, Czech languages for preparing for the certification exams (A1 - C2) and taking the foreign language examinations for admission to the magistracy. This year, the center has received official recognition and a certificate from the Cambridge Assessment English Center, which entitles it to train its students for the exams of any complexity: KET, PET, FCE, CAE and CPE.

     Experienced instructors of the Departments of English Philology, Romance-Germanic Languages and Translation, English for Technical and Agrobiology specialties work hard to shape and develop students' ability to communicate freely on a variety of topics with native speakers, analyze information and reasonably speak. In the course of preparation for the exam, the students learn a considerable amount of lexical and grammatical material. And the result - all those who have studied hard have received a B2 Certificate!

No need to be afraid, we need to move forward towards achieving our dreamed goal!


Lyudmyla Klymenko and Natalia Kharchuk,
Senior Lecturers at the Department of English Philology

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