Holy Protecting Shroud, Cover My Head: Humanitarian Students Have a Holiday for Schoolchildren

14 жовтня 2019 року

Everyone knows that October 14 is celebrating the Day of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ukraine. The history of this holiday is known, it is known why this day is considered the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks and the Day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. Everyone knows that in order to honor the courage and heroism of the defenders of independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, the military traditions and customs of the Ukrainian people, to further strengthen the patriotic spirit in society and to support the initiative of the public, on October 14, 2014 by the decree of the President of Ukraine it was proclaimed a state holiday, and on March 5, 2015, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine established it as a holiday of the Defender of Ukraine.

However, in folk traditions, October 14 was often considered the "Knowledge Day". On this day, the children went to school for the first time and carried with them a pitcher of millet porridge - so that "science did not go into the forest," and about it students of our university learn at their classes on ethno-cultural studies, and also – in creative studios functioning at the department of cultural studies. And on the eve of the big holiday, the participants of the miniature theater, led by the expert of the department of cultural studies Anzhelika Fedorenko, decided to share their knowledge with the students of the ecological-natural lyceum № 116.

In the walls of the Lyceum students of the specialty "Journalism" and "International Relations", participants of the miniature theater, held a festive action "Holy Shroud, Holy Shroud, cover my head ..."
The presenters quickly found common ground with the students, who enthusiastically listened to their stories about the traditions of the Feast of the Intercession, a must-have attribute of the holiday. And the children were happy to read poems, tell about signs and predictions known to them, actively participated in various competitions and fun.
“This is a great opportunity to remind the younger generation of the history and traditions of our glorious people, as well as to unite the older and younger generations,” says Anzhelika Anatoliivna, – as well as to show the lyceum students that at our university not only studying is waiting for them, but lots of interesting information, creative development and opportunities for improvement.”
The friendly atmosphere prevailed in the audience, the cheerful laughter of schoolchildren was heard, and a sea of hands rose at every offer to play folk games.
The most delicious, and therefore the most enjoyable part of the event was eating pancakes prepared by the skillful hands of Anzhelika Fedorenko and a student of International Relations specialty Anna Hryshchuk. Every student was able to taste delicious stuff.
“The holiday was a success. It was a pleasure to watch the students listen to our every word. We have seen that in the eyes of children there is a passionate love for the cultural heritage of our nanny – Ukraine, which is cultivated by our university,” - said the host of the holiday, Bohdan Kyrychenko.


     All participants of the action - Oleksiy Kolbasin, Serghiy Bizhanov, Maryna Kohut, Anna Hryshchuk, Bohdan Kyrychenko - hope that they will continue to carry out such educational events for the younger generation, our future, our nation's flowers, to inflame in their hearts forever the love of native land…


Iryna Maidanyuk,
Head of the Department of Cultural Studies
Maryna Kohut,
the 2nd year student of specialty “Journalism”

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