Contemporary art through the eyes of freshmen: "Involvement" in the beautiful on the Day of Educators

8 жовтня 2019 року

 The head of the student group "Young journalist" Associate Professor of the Department of Journalism and Language Communication Veronica Chekalyuk invited the first-year students to visit the exhibition of Hanna Kryvolap called "Prychetnist". Students students gladly agreed, because to attend such a festive event in the capital is an honor for every art lover. "You are the elite of the nation," Veronica Vasylivna often tells us at classes, and she is accustomed to the sophisticated command of the language, the ability to express our thoughts and see the beauty in every manifestation of our lives. In the evening we met at the “Teatralna” metro station and went to the grand opening of the Museum of History of Kyiv together with the teacher, we were greeted hospitably by the artist, paintings by artist Hanna Kryvolap touch the most distant strings of the human soul, penetrate every cell and make everyone feel new emotions. The masterpieces were created in mosaic style, but not typical, but abstract.

Our group managed to communicate with the artist and invite her to NULES of Ukraine for an excursion to the park and museums:
- Good evening, Mrs. Kryvolap. We are NULES of Ukraine first year students, very happy to welcome you to a creative evening. Thank you for the opportunity. In fact, we are delighted with your paintings. What inspired you to create these masterpieces?
-Good evening! I'm very pleased, thank you for the compliment on the masterpieces, unexpectedly. Actually, I created this series of works under the influence of mosaic. It inspired me, so later, under the influence of those feelings, I have created a series of abstract paintings. However, I abandoned the traditional image and message, which usually a mosaic carries and created abstract-sensual canvases.
-What is the main idea of your work?
-I love Ukraine, animals, plants, nature very much, I want to transfer our national, deep-historical artifacts into the language of modern painting. I want people to love their homeland and its nature.
-We want to invite you to NULES of Ukraine for an excursion, to the park and the museum. Introduce you to our talents and maybe you will be able to hold an art master class for students?
-With pleasure! Now I live a nomadic life. I think someday we can do it. I'll be glad.


All of us, after the exhibition, were in a state of euphoria, sharing posts on social networks. Students were writing messages about the fact that they were very happy to have attended this solemn event with Veronica Vasylivna, grateful for the fact that the world of painting and beauty of contemporary artists opens for us. We are thankful to the organizers of the holiday and the wonderful artist Hanna Kryvolap, thankful to our faculty for the wonderful atmosphere and joy of life both at the classes and during leisure time! We invite everyone to dive into the world of art. The exhibition continues. Our study continues and the bridge of friendship between student and teacher is strengthened, for me the holiday is an interesting time with positive people, - concludes the evening Veronica Chekalyuk.
In celebration of the "Day of Educator" we will mention the advantages and disadvantages of the modern education system.

Teacher-winner of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine - smiles kindly and says that Ukrainian instructors and teachers are the best, emphasizes Paul Pshenichka:
“One important thing to understand is that it is not the school that teaches, but the teacher. No teacher - no school. It does not matter what good laws the state creates, if it does not have enough highly educated teachers, it will not have a capable generation ... I am convinced for 48 years of teaching and I want to convey to everyone: can you imagine a football club without a coach? Even if you put together the best players, there will be no result without a good coach. The same is with the students and the teachers. I think the teaching profession will become more important in the future .... So, von Bismarck not only created Prussia, but also made the first step towards the unification of Germany. Extremely honest and decent person. Even Bismarck was very sharp in language. He once said, "Give me good high school teachers and I'll make the state." And he did!

Napoleon also achieved the creation of a powerful state: first he brought together the best teachers of France and the most talented students, for whom he created three educational institutions: École normale, École Polytechnique and one more. From that moment, France began to develop rapidly. Today, many Asian countries have followed the aforementioned historical figures - the education budget there exceeds the defense budget. Like his time in the US. One day, President Reagan was asked in the Pentagon: "How can it be?" He just scornfully said, "Do you think defense issues are being addressed in the Pentagon?" - "But where else except for this place?" One must always remember that investing in education and teacher training is an investment in the future of the state, - the teacher argues in a conversation with journalist Ira Donska for the project "Osvitoria".


Olena Chuhaevska, Fedorchuk Maria,
first-year students,
the students of the “Junior Journalist” circle of NULES of Ukraine

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