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1 жовтня 2019 року

Even the strongest and most successful people have moments in their lives when power is running low, when resources are lacking to solve problems, the ability to form a new goal of activity disappears, when harmony disappears in relationships with others, or even simply - there is no one who can understand , hears, pleases, advises. In this case, do not despair and despair: you can simply consult a psychologist.

The staff of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, aware of the responsibility of the mission assigned to it, seeks constant development, and therefore expands its activities, in particular, intensifies the work of the Center for Social and Psychological Service.

"We are convinced that this ambitious goal is in our power," said the Head of the Department, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor V.M. Shmarhun. - Scientific and pedagogical staff of the department have different methods of psychotherapy, constantly improving their level of qualification”.

Psychologists are ready to provide individual counseling according to clients' requests. They will help to endure a difficult stage in life, loss, cope with the difficulties that lead to despair, overcome fears, anxious states, dissatisfaction with oneself; will be taught to resist manipulation. Specialists will promote a deeper self-awareness of the client, help him to understand himself and others. If there is an awareness of the need to improve relationships with family, loved ones, and maybe colleagues at work, they will also be helpful.

Also, scientific-pedagogical staff invites to participate in the trainings:
• personal development,
• development of communication skills,
• formation of constructive behavior in conflict,

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