The life and work of Panteleimon Kulish through the eyes of student youth: a scientific and methodological seminar for the 200th birthday

28 вересня 2019 року

 As you know, there can be no future without the past. Remembering prominent historical, cultural and public figures of the past is an integral part of cultural and educational activities at NULES of Ukraine. The celebration of Panteleimon Kulish's 200th birthday was a prime example of this practice. The University noted this important date in the history of Ukrainian culture on September 26, 2019, with a scientific and practical conference at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, headed by Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk.

On September 27, 2019, at the initiative of the staff of the Department of Philosophy, a scientific and methodological seminar "Literary, philosophical, sociopolitical heritage of P. Kulish through the eyes of young scientists" was held with the participation of students of NULES of Ukraine and high school students of Kyiv schools. During the roundtable, the speakers covered various aspects of the topic. Interesting were the reports: “Anna Barvinok and Panko. Life and Love of P. Kulish's wife "(Oros B., 1 y., FHP)," Kulish - journalist, editor and publisher "(Hlavatska A., 2 y., Ec.Fac)," Panteleimon Kulish's Childhood" (Pavlenko K., 1 y., FHP), "Panteleimon Kulish and the Ukrainian Georges Sand" (Ponomarenko V., 2 y., Faculty of AGM) and "Farm and Civilization as Polarity in P. Kulish's Philosophy" (Moskalenko S., 1 y., faculty of VM), "Formation of philosophical outlook of P. Kulish" (Karasyuk V., 2 y., Ec. fac), "Influence of the Ukrainian national tradition on the worldview of Ukrainians" (Lyashko V., 1 y., F of VM), «P. Kulish and 13 Facts About the First Historical Novel "The Black Rada" (Okseniuk N., 1 y., Faculty of AGM) P. Kulish's writing mission" (Y. Muzychuk, 1 y., Agr. Fac.), "Kulish as a philosopher" (I. Bondarchuk, O. Chepurnyi, FHP), “P. Kulish's philosophical reflections on the past of Ukraine” (Herus Y., 1 y., IT Faculty). Master of the 1st year of FZRandBT Sinenko Bohdan introduced the topic "Neo-feudal society of modern Ukraine", linking it to P. Kulish's settlement philosophy. His speech provoked lively discussions among the participants.


     For the 1st year students, this was the first experience of scientific student conferences, so excitement and uncertainty did not leave them for a long time. However, our university, and in particular the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogy, aims to prepare students for scientific work. That is why future international figures, diplomats, economists, biologists, journalists, translators, veterinarians, managers and agronomists have overcome the fear of the public by answering questions from the audience and participating in lively discussions.


The event was an example of an interesting, casual dialogue between students of different faculties and students, between the youth of villages and cities of Ukraine. P. Kulish's philosophy made one think about the importance of Ukrainian traditions, the problems of human existence, the relation of heart and mind in man. These activities contribute to the comprehensive development of student and student youth, and teach them to think and orient themselves in life.

Yevtushenko Ksenia,
student of the 1st year of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics,
specialty "International Relations"
Valentyna Kultenko, Olena Lauta





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