International scientific-practical conference "Panteleimon Kulish - citizen, scientist, translator (to 200th anniversary of his birthday)" was held at the University

27 вересня 2019 року

Endowed with great talent, but even greater
ambition Kulish through all of his long
life was undergoing various changes,
trampling a variety of tracks, performed at
a variety of roles and left for generations his
rich literary heritage ...
Ivan Franko

September 26, 2019 was the first day of the International scientific and practical conference "Panteleimon Kulish - citizen, scientist, translator", which is held on the basis of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics and is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of this great son of the Ukrainian people.

     Scientists from different parts of Ukraine, foreign delegations, teachers, graduate students, students and students gathered in a plenary meeting in the elegant hall. The event was moderated by the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics, Doctor of Philology, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk. Vasyl Dmytrovych stressed that all participants of the conference were united by a common goal - honoring the memory of a prominent Ukrainian writer, translator, public figure.

    The Doctor of Political Science, Professor, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine Mykola Tomenko addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. The candidate of philological sciences, the deputy director of the T.H. Shevchenko Institute of Literature of NAS of Ukraine joined the greetings, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Serhiy Halchenko; Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor, Head of the Research Unit Volodymyr Otchenashko; translator, correspondent for German media Markiian Ostapchuk; Doctor of Philology, Lecturer at the Institute of Neophylology of the Pomeranian Academy in Slupsk (Poland), Piotr Gancaj. And the president of the Voronizh Panteleimon Kulish Secondary School of Shostka district of Sumy region, 10th grade student Bohdan Smychek presented a flashmob "We are United by Panteleimon Kulish", which was conducted by students of his native school.


Interesting scientific reports covering different faces of Panteleimon Kulish's talent were presented by: Candidate of Philological Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Department of Handwriting and Textology at the T.H. Shevchenko Institute of Literature. of NAS of Ukraine Oles Fedoruk; Chairman of the Board of the City Organization of the Knowledge Society of Ukraine, Professor, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine Vasyl Nevolov, Doctor of History, Professor, Leading Researcher of the Department of History of Ukraine of the XIX-beginning of XX centuries of the Institute of History of Ukraine of NAS of Ukraine Valentyna Shandra; Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher of the Department of Stylistics, Language Culture and Sociolinguistics of the Institute of Ukrainian Language of NAS of Ukraine Natalia Mekh; Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector for Scientific Work of Kryvyi Rih State Pedagogical University Vita Hamanyuk; Oksana Kravchenko, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Social and Psychological Education of the Uman Pedagogical University named after Pavel Tychyna; Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the National Technical University "Dniprovsk Polytechnic" Valentyna Bilytska; Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor, National University " Shevchenko Chernihiv College" Victoria Pulina.


The head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation - the organizer of the conference - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Svitlana Amelina introduced the students of the Department, future translators who read the poetic works of Shakespeare, J.-V.-Goethe, A. Mickiewicz, and quoted their translations.


At the end of the conference, participants were greeted by the creative teams of the Department of Cultural Studies under the direction of Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Iryna Maidanyuk.
Summing up the fruitful scientific discussion, conference moderator Vasyl Shynkaruk quoted Panteleimon Kulish's prophetic words:
“…Let us take care of our verbal autonomy, create our autonomous future, know well that we are at home, among our own family, in our own home, that no one will give it to us, no one will take away, no one will warm or illuminate it the way we do."

Valentyn Maksymchuk,
Associate Professor of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation




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