Autumn ECO-FEST Humanities students

25 вересня 2019 року

 This year's September, the students of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics noted the traditional sense of arranging the territory around the central educational building.

This action was initiated by the student organization of the faculty, headed by its chairman Kostiantyn Arkhyipenko. According to students, the purpose of such activities is to: improve and decorate the environment, clean it from debris; formation of ecological culture of personality of the future specialist, formation of his ability to work in a team; promotion and promotion of national traditions and culture of the Ukrainian people.

This is the goal that unites students and faculty members. It is a good tradition for girls, boys and their mentors to harvest yellow leaves and dry grass, and to dispose of various inorganic rubbish. Such work has allowed the humanities students to once again demonstrate a number of positive human qualities of true future professionals and to show the most important skills in the life of each person during purposeful work for the common good. The permanent participants of this event are the Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, Professor Vasyl Shynkaruk, his team of deputies and heads of departments.

It should be noted that after the cleaning of the adjacent territory, students participated in a roundtable meeting, which discussed the environmental problems of our region and the world.

Future experts plan to prepare a series of roundtable reports to attend a conference on similar issues.

Dmytro Chornomordenko,
Senior Lecturer in Philosophy


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