The October Planning Meeting was held at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics

1 жовтня 2019 року


The participants visited the departments and laboratories of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, got acquainted with the material base and achievements of the team.


 Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk presented the structure of the faculty, the specialties by which specialists are trained here, new educational master's programs, educational English-language programs, qualitative composition of scientific and pedagogical staff, scientific qualification of the departments, a contingent of students (who, incidentally, has doubled since 2015) foreign language learning center (where in addition to the popular and common English, German, French languages you can learn Chinese, Portuguese, Korean and more), quality of training, material and technical resources, self-financing s departments and coming prospects.



     The first vice-rector Ihor Ibatullin noted the exemplary condition of the faculty auditoriums and laboratories and the great work done by the staff.


Indeed, the dynamics of development is good, but to compete at the proper level can not be stopped, only to accelerate, stressed Rector Stanislav Nikolaenko. Today, the student, choosing a university, pays attention to the quality of the educational process and the availability of an appropriate laboratory base.

As for the tasks, the head of the university here identified the two most important ones for the staff of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. The first is to continue its formation as a center of educational and methodological work. And secondly, the general anglicization of the entire educational process at the university. Another important area is the development of a psychological service center.

Introducing the work plan for October, Ihor Ibatullin started on the inventory of property, which should be treated very carefully. He focused on the preparation of scientific projects in 2020, the use of funds for the implementation of research projects, certification of scientific personnel, accreditation of educational and scientific programs, public procurement, activities of university research facilities, energy efficiency and property management.

The plan of organizational, educational and methodical work was presented by the Vice-rector for educational and educational work Serhiy Kvasha. Among the tasks: submission of 11 accreditation cases of preparation of bachelors and masters to the НАЗЯВО, approval of the topics of graduation work for masters of 1 year of study. Stopped at selection of students to take free courses in chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics, scheduled questioning of students on the quality of the educational process and vocational work (including Open Doors, which will be held on October 31 - for college graduates and November 1 - Kyiv) . As far as educational work is concerned, it is very big, including events for the Day of Defender of Ukraine.

In regard to the latter, Stanislav Nikolaenko emphasized that the main task is to reach a student who is not responding to anything and interested.

Vice-rector for scientific-pedagogical work, international activity and development Vadym Tkachuk informed about the state of arrears of payment for tuition and accommodation in hostels, international activity (start of the new academic year in Warsaw, where the delegation of NULES, reception of guest lecturers, recruitment of students, recruitment of students educational programs in English), finance (finalization of preparation of budget proposals for 2020-2021, approval of the staffing list in the Ministry of Education and Science) and work plan of the department of social service (social scholarship student there are privileged categories, subsidies, etc.).


Stanislav Nikolaenko drew attention to the need to expand and expand the volume of catering services, focusing on the preferences and needs of students.

One of the main tasks for October, the Vice-Rector for Educational, Scientific and Production Issues and Administrative and Economic Activities, Valeriy Ishchenko, called a smooth entry into the heating season, to which the university is ready. He stopped at the repair work to be done or completed in October (under the hulls, a roof in the stables and parking near it, a sports ground near the 2nd dormitory, the arrangement of dormitory rooms with furniture, etc.). Among the tasks is the completion of the module on the 11th building.

The latter was joined by our Member of Parliament, our colleague Lesya Zaburanna, we hope for additional state funding, the Rector said.

The work of the faculties of plants protection, biotechnology and ecology, mechanical and technological constructing and design were briefly reported by their deans Mykola Dolya, Yaroslav Mykhailovych and Zinoviy Ruzhylo.

     The plan of work for October was presented by the scientific secretary Oksana Baranovska. She reminded that the meeting of the Rectorate is scheduled for October 22, and the Scientific Council - for 23.


Summarizing the work, Stanislav Nikolaenko offered to watch a video that very clearly demonstrates what artificial intelligence is capable of now and how far technology has gone and emphasized: success at the interface of interests (for example, biology and IT). He also stressed the importance of systematic work and the effectiveness of his own example of executives at all levels.

Iryna Belous



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