The traditional "Young Teacher's School" was held at the University

10 вересня 2019 року

On September 9 a scientific and methodological seminar for teachers whose teaching experience does not exceed three years, traditional for our University, was organized by the Department of Pedagogy.
Every time, this year is not an exception, the audience is overcrowded not only with young scientific-pedagogical staff, but also with experienced scientists who seek to be engaged in discussion of current educational problems and increase their level of psychological and pedagogical skills in their work with young people. This is a painstaking work on self-improvement, which is why these masterclasses and trainings make it easier for young teachers to continue their professional development. Much credit goes to Rector of NULES of Ukraine Stanislav Nikolaenko. On his initiative, the seminar is annually filled with topical content, because every report presented in the program outlines the most requested issues in the field of education, meeting the requirements of the modern world.

The seminar was opened by Ruslan Sopivnyk, the head of the Department of Pedagogy, who noted that the main task of the higher education institution is to train not only a highly qualified employee, but a harmoniously and comprehensively developed personality, which will ensure the success of professional realization.

The Vice-rector for educational and educational work Serhiy Kvasha continued, discussing the organizational principles of the activity of scientific and pedagogical workers. In particular, the main vectors for the development of higher education for today were discussed, namely: enthusiasm and motivation, where teachers become coordinators, directing students online and offline; the speed with which training keeps pace with time; availability of materials in real time; interdisciplinary content that blurs the boundaries between production, business and other fields, and therefore requires the pooling of knowledge from different walks of life.


Attention was also paid to the importance of studying foreign language curricula in order to enhance one’s own professional competences and to meet the requirements of higher education institutions. NULES of Ukraine cares about the implementation of such a function. To this end, the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics has a Foreign Language Learning Center, which offers courses in more than ten foreign languages to prepare for certification exams (A1-C2 certificate), giving everyone the opportunity to gain good knowledge and improve one’s own foreign language skills.
In conclusion, Serhiy Mykolayovych quoted Brian Herbert's words: "The ability to learn is a gift, the efficiency in learning is a skill, and the desire to learn is your choice." The university should be proud of its graduates and students should be professional teachers!
The next speaker was Larysa Klikh, Head of the Educational and Methodological Department, who was speaking about the organization of the educational process in higher education institutions in light of the requirements of the laws of Ukraine "On Education" and "On Higher Education". The most vigorous discussion raised the issue of accreditation of OPP specialties of our university; in particular, Larysa Volodymyrivna said that the main requirement in the course of this procedure is to study the student's opinion. Here, too, our Alma-mater does not need to worry, because at the initiative of the rector of the University Stanislav Mykolayovych Nikolaenko, the process of taking into account the wishes and thoughts of student youth began to be implemented a few years ago through questioning and constant dialogue with the younger generation.

Supporting the report of the Vice-rector for training and educational work Serhiy Kvasha on the modern requirements in the educational environment of the institution of higher education, Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy Oleksandr Prokhorchuk revealed the peculiarities of practical use of SMART-technologies during the training sessions in the audience.

The report of the Associate Professor of the Department of Psychology Iryna Martyniuk was interesting to discuss, which in appropriate examples spoke about the possibility of applying a five-step model of self-help in practical psychology as a method of teaching a discipline.

Oksana Vasyuk, Professor of Pedagogy, explained the practical component of the realization of educational work at NULES of Ukraine in the report "Realization of V. Sukhomlynskyi's Ideas in the Aspect of Student Formation at the University".

Finally, Head of the Department of Pedagogy Ruslan Sopivnyk, together with the staff of the Department, thanked for participation in the seminar for all present and wished a good start to the new academic year!

Oleksandr Kuchay

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