Vyacheslav Annenkov: We study German at European partner universities

9 вересня 2019 року

I do not regret that I have accepted the proposal of the Head of the Department of Foreign Philology and Translation of NULES of Ukraine Svitlana Amelina during the holidays in August 12-23 this year to take part in the summer course of German at the University of Pardubice at the expense of the host.


I traveled to the Czech Republic for the first time, without knowing the country and the language at all. When I arrived, I was met by Jan Čapek, Assistant Professor at Pardubice University, who assisted with the accommodation in the hostel with a corridor of comfortable rooms and wireless Internet. Communication with him was in German, so the problem of my complete lack of knowledge of Czech was a matter for itself. Jan Chapek turned out to be a very kind and nice person.

On the first day of classes I met other students. There were 14 students in the group (3 – from Spain, 4 – from Ukraine, 7 – from Pardubice University). From the first minutes of the acquaintance we formed a friendly relationship, which we planned to continue after training. Immediately I am saying that parting with them was a pity.
The teaching of the material took place at a very high professional level. Each student received a great deal of new knowledge. As to myself – this is unsurpassed! Correctly describe in words the amount of practical knowledge gained – it is unrealistic!
But the study would not have been complete without the excursions conducted by the university's teachers in German. We visited the interesting cities of the Czech Republic: Hradec Kralove, Kunetický Hora, Kutná Hora, Prague and, directly, Pardubice, each of them having been remembered as the best hours of stay in the country.

It was a great pleasure to speak German with teachers in an informal setting, including topic on life, hobbies, the future of Ukraine/Europe and other topics. The courses ended with a collective visit on the last day of classes at the Čajovna Chelsea summer terrace in Pardubice.
I advise students of NULES of Ukraine to take part in the summer German course at the University of Pardubice at least once during their studies. Department of Foreign Philology and Translation and the Dean of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogy Vasyl Shynkaruk will definitely support you!

Vyacheslav Annenkov,
4th year student
Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics

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