Congratulations from the Dean of the Faculty on the beginning of the academic year

1 вересня 2019 року

 Dear teachers, dear students of the
Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics!

I sincerely congratulate you on the start of the 2019/2020 academic year!

Education is the basis for the development of the individual, society, state, one of the highest national priorities. Education is the key to both the high morale of the nation, and the success of one's personal life. You, dear teachers and dear students, are involved in a kind of evolution of education, science, public relations related to democratic changes in Ukraine.

I sincerely wish you to draw on the wisdom, knowledge and experience of the treasury of the history and culture of our people and all of humanity. May fate smile on you in all your endeavors! May your hearts be filled with pure desires, light reflections, solid knowledge, and life – only with good deeds!

I wish you good health, enthusiasm for knowing the truth, creative inspiration, faith in achieving what is desirable! May your efforts only be successful and bring the best results for you, for our faculty, for our university and for our entire state!

Happy academic year to you!

Dean V.D. Shynkaruk



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