Gratulationes ad alumni: Humanitarians welcome freshmen

31 серпня 2019 року

An important event in the life of every young person is the enrollment to the higher educational establishment, because it gives the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, and to fully realize one’s potential.

On the 30th of August, celebrations with greetings from the educational community and the dedication ceremony for students were held in the assembly hall of the 3rd educational building. This act is a wonderful tradition of our faculty and university, which unites, brings together and helps to integrate yesterday's entrants into the student-teacher family.

The beginning of the new 2019-2020 academic year for those who have just crossed the threshold of their chosen Alma mater, began with the introductory speech by the Dean, Doctor of Philology, Professor, Honored Education Worker of Ukraine Vasyl Shynkaruk.

He congratulated all freshmen, who joined the friendly educational community of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, personally and from the whole team. In his welcoming speech, the dean emphasized that today the youth got a great start in life, because our University is a leading modern educational and scientific center and, at the same time, a center of culture and spirituality. According to the rating of universities in Kyiv, it is ranked 3rd, in Ukraine - 10th. Particular pride of the University is added by its graduates - among them the rector, doctor of pedagogical sciences, Professor Stanislav Nikolaenko. The dean also noted that freshmen are at the forefront of Ukrainian youth, the future of the Ukrainian nation. However, the fate of everyone is in his/her own hands, so the motto must be Primus inter pares. And in this they are ready to assist the dean, department heads and faculty members.

Freshman Sophia Salnyk (specialty “Philology first - German”) sincerely thanked Vasyl Dmytrovych for his paternal care and the right advice he and the staff of the admissions committee provided to the entrants during the inaugural campaign, which helped to make a definitive decision.


Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk introduced his team of his deputies and heads of departments, assuring parents that their children are in safe hands.

A solemn moment for each of the attendees was the moment of Consecration at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. The oath pronounced by Lyudmyla Smyk (journalism specialty), Oleksiy Kolbasin and Maria Boyarko (international relations specialty) and unitedly taken over by the whole audience, created a friendly, casual atmosphere that embraced both yesterday's entrants and their parents.


The beginning of the new 2019-2020 academic year for those who have just become a student, marked the transfer of the symbolic Key of Knowledge to the freshmen, from the Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk and the delivery of the status documents - the Student identity card, Credit Book by Vice-deans Yaroslav Rudyk and Ihor Butsyk.

Interesting verse instructions of international relations specialty students Anna Hryshchuk and Kostyantyn Arkhypenko and informal speech of the former head of the student council, and now the master of specialty "Social and psychological rehabilitation" Valentyn Savchenko, who told about his own experience of professional formation and growth, added positive and motive tips.



All participants were delighted to hear the songs performed by the Octava Ensemble (Head - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Cultural Studies of the FHP Nina Melikova), Mariana Ostyak (Head - People's Artist of Ukraine, Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies Natalia Shelepnytska), Daryna Kyrylyuk (Assistant Professor) , the choir group of folk song and dance ensemble "Kolos" named after Stanislav Semenovskyi (Head - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Cultural Studies Volodymyr Yakymchuk), Dance Compositions of the Student Dance Team "Suziriya - DANS" (Head - Senior Lecturer of the Department of Cultural Studies Olha Saurina) and Ballroom Dance ensemble “Charivnist” (Head - Associate Professor of the Department of Cultural Studies Svitlana Makoda).

The final song present from the Honored Artist of Ukraine Roman Rudyi set for the festive, joyful start of the new academic year.



So, with a good mood and a positive energy charge, we begin a new academic year. We sincerely wish all freshmen active participation in the life and development of the University. Let the knowledge gained become a happy ticket to fulfill all their dreams.

Olena Kropyvko,

Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences

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