Future journalist Lyudmyla Smyk wins first medal for the University's sports treasury

27 серпня 2019 року

On August 1-4, 2019 in the city of Truskavets, Lviv region, the championship of radio sports among adults and juniors took place (sports radio direction, middle distances). Lyudmyla Smyk was yesterday's entrant, and since August 1, 2019 she is already a student of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, specializing in journalism, who participated in the championship together with the athletes of NULES of Ukraine in the team of Kyiv.

The championship program consisted of running in the mountain forest area, finding control points in four exercises: radio orientation, sprinting, classic distances in the 3.5 and 144 MHz ranges. Three athletes of the University managed to win 8 prizes in the personal standings and 11 prize places in the team standings in the teams of Kyiv in different age categories. Competitions were held in difficult conditions, on mountain slopes with very difficult to run and even walk in the terrain, and on the first day of the competition with the radio orientation were held even in the rain, the cards were placed by the judges in the files of moisture still blossomed, starting at 17:00 h . - in the forest during the rain it is already dark, the map is poorly visible, the maps are inaccurate with new wide clearings-bushes overgrown with bushes, with roads for the removal of the forest not mapped, in streams, around streams, clearings of many blackberries, nettles, sometimes even open terrain overgrown so you can't move on it. So, these were competitions really for the strongest body and spirit of Ukrainian athletes.




Ludmyla Smyk competed in juniors 19 years and under, 20 athletes from 5 regions of Ukraine and representatives of the Republic of Poland competed in this category. Lyudmyla won 9th place in the radio orientation, on the second day of the 3.5 MHz classic distance race she took 8th place, and on the last fourth day of the 144 MHz most difficult sporting direction class, she was able to show the best result among the superstars champion of Ukraine among juniors in the personal standings and in the team standings.


Oleksandra Parkhomenko, a graduate student at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine in radio sports, competed in competitions among the female elite (category G20). Oleksandra confirmed her status as the leader of the national team of Ukraine by winning 3 distances and showing 3 results at a distance of 3.5 MHz, and the Kyiv women's team was stronger in all four exercises.




Vyacheslav Parkhomenko, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physical Education of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics, performed in the Č60 category and took 2 second places in the orienteering distances and the classical 144 MHz distance, 3 place in the sprint distance and 4 place in the classical 3.5 MHz distance. In the team standings, the Kyivans were stronger in all 4 exercises.

According to the results of the selection of four national championships of 2019 in the field of sports radio direction, a national team of Ukraine was formed, which will take part in the 22nd European Sport Broadcasting Championship in the Republic of Slovenia on September 2-7. Oleksandr Parkhomenko will perform in the women's competitions at all four distances, Vyacheslav Parkhomenko will perform in the Ch60 category at the radio orienteering and sprint distances. And Ludmyla Smyk, together with her teammates, are preparing for the European Sports Orienteering Championship on September 27-29, 2019 in Romania.



    Congratulations to the athletes and we wish them a successful start in international competitions!



Vyacheslav Parkhomenko,

Deputy Head of the Department of Physical Education,

Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics



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