Freshman School at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics

9 серпня 2019 року

Today, Holosiiv congratulated the first-year students of the School of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics on a rainy morning. The front doors of the third building opened hospitably to yesterday's entrants and now almost the students and their parents, who visited the meeting with the Dean, Vasyl Shynkaruk, the heads of the graduating departments, the intructors of the faculty.

The meeting took place in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere. All this was aided by the sincere interest of the boys and girls who viewed the audiences that would soon become "home walls" for each of the attendees, and the genuine joy in the eyes of parents who, after meeting with the dean and the department heads, were finally able to relieve themselves completely after the marathon.


    This joy can be explained - the National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine confidently holds the leading positions among other universities of Ukraine for those who want to fill the ranks of its students.


The Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics is indicative of the growing popularity among high school graduates. The list of specialties, which is expanding according to the requirements of the time, encourages students from all regions of Ukraine to choose study at this faculty. Another element that influences the conscious choice of entrants is the high level of knowledge of its bachelors and masters, confirmed by Diplomas and Diplomas for participation in competitions, conferences and seminars at international and all-Ukrainian levels, internships and training under the program of "double diplomas" abroad. More than 400 boys and girls have expressed their sincere desire to become a student.


Among the most demanding specialties are German philology (this year, more applications were submitted to the Kyiv National Linguistic University), journalism, international relations, psychology, vocational education and, in fact, all other specialties completed the freshman contingent.

Such stable indicators of increasing popularity of studies at the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics among young people could be explained by daily work as a result of leadership in the person of Dean Vasyl Shynkaruk and his team of deputies, as well as the team - heads of departments, teachers, and laboratory assistants. Working together to achieve high performance from year to year increases the rankings of the faculty, and therefore of the University.

But the informal, friendly and tolerant atmosphere felt by young people plays an equally important role. Everyone can visit the Dean, Head of Department or Curator for a frank conversation, share their problems or ideas, and be sure that they will not only be listened to, but also genuinely help or rejoice in success.

As in any case, in education, there are three components to success - opportunity, desire and perseverance in achieving the goal. The dean Vasily Shynkaruk, sincerely welcoming the newly arrived June, giving the first advice and guidance in their student life, wished everyone present, health, inspiration and positive.

The parental appeal only emphasized the joyful background of the Freshman School, which did not ruin even the short-lived heavy showers. And after the rain the sun shone with its rays, increasing the warmth of the meeting.

We sincerely wish our freshmen to attain the highest peaks in the education of the chosen specialties of the Humanities and Pedagogical Faculty.

Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences,

Ph.D. Olena Kropyvko


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