We meet the representatives of future masters-managers in education

24 серпня 2019 року

The staff of the Department of Methodology of Training and Management of Educational Institutions of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics of NULES of Ukraine continues to get acquainted with the entrants who have submitted documents for educational and professional programs "Management of the educational institutions" and "Personnel management" in the specialty 073 "Management 07 of branch "Management» by the second (master's) level of higher education.

Today we are talking to Allen Zinoruk, who has submitted documents for the educational and professional program “Management of the educational institutions”.


- Allen, talk about yourself.

- My name is Allen Zinoruk. I was born in Zhashkiv, Cherkasy region, and received my first (bachelor's) higher education degree from the faculty of translators of Kyiv National Linguistic University.

- Where did you learn about our university?

- For the first time I was told about NULES of Ukraine by the Head of the Department of International Relations and Social Sciences Bilan Serhiy, whom my father, Volodymyr Zinoruk, considers to be one of his best students. Then I began to regularly review the materials of your university's website and learned about the educational and professional programs of the Faculty for Humanities and Pedagogics. My parents are teachers, which is why I chose the educational and professional program “Management of the educational institutions”, since in fact my professional orientation started from my childhood.

- Allen, what attracted you most to NULES of Ukraine?

- For the first time, my friends and I came to you for Open Day, and I was impressed by the grandeur of your university, its territory and its elegance. In addition, I really enjoyed the NULES Botanical Garden of Ukraine, as I was also born and raised in a very beautiful area.

- Do you have any plans for the future, what do you want to become?

- I want to continue the family dynasty and fulfill my parents' dream. I plan to become a teacher of a higher education institution, to enter graduate school and to be a real scientist.

- Allen, what are you interested in besides studying, do you have a passion?

- I really like cycling, I have already made more than a hundred trips by bike to different corners of Ukraine. By the way, when I was browsing the NULES website of Ukraine, I have read more than once about trips of students and teaching staff of different faculties of your university, so I think it will be very interesting for me to study here.

The conversation was conducted by Serhiy Kubitskyi


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