Tуtiana Adamus: “Kyiv is a treasure, a real chest of drawers with incredible stories and mysterious places”

23 серпня 2019 року

Thousands of high school graduates and young students have visited the capital. According to statistics, over 50,000 people visited the capital together with their parents in the summer of 2019. We asked NUBIP guests how do you spend your leisure time?
- Olena (Vinnytsia)
- For the first time in Kyiv, my sister and aunt arrived with my mother, we visited the NUBIAP museum, and now I have entered into a contract. Very happy, it is a beautiful city, while studying I plan to see the center of the capital, and now I want to go to sea.
- Yuriy (Yahotyn)
- It is not the first time I am in Kyiv, but these were group trips with school teachers, we were tired, so I do not remember anything from the excursions. Now joining NUBIP is my victory and my success. I am respected by my classmates’ parents. I will have a double diploma and a scholarship of NUBIP, which is my lucky ticket.
- Anna (Kherson)
- When I came to Kyiv, I understood. I will live here or nowhere ... My parents supported me and I am a student now. I plan to go to concerts, explore the center of the capital and stay here forever
When interviewing the guests of the capital, we offer budget options for leisure: 1) cycling (acquaintance with the city, start with NUBIP and EAPE parks); 2) follow the announcements of "Open Doors at the Museums of Kyiv" - this is a chance to see the museums for free; 3) Get involved in journalism and get a journalist's certificate to attend the most interesting. The most important events and activities of Ukraine.

For the comment “How to spend time for the guests of the capital, the entrants?” We addressed the famous historian-researcher, the beauty guide Tatiana Adamus. Ms. Tetiana is a sophisticated young woman, romantic and professional, in love with history, knows the most intimate corners of Kyiv and the region.

Tetiana says, “Yes, I am touring Kyiv. Unusual excursions. In addition, I invite you for a walk. To understand Kiev, one has to see it from different sides - beautiful scenery and quiet streets, squares and mystical old cemeteries - to hear its incredible stories, legends and jokes. You will find all this on my excursions. Friends, you and your parents or friends can come to the group events we have. Alternatively, go for an individual walk. Depending on your wishes and expectations, I offer one of my excursions or create a completely new, individual route for my guests and pick up the most interesting stories! Often I do corporate walks and excursions for schoolchildren and students, young people like me love the dynamics and additional information to the history textbooks of Ukraine. In three years, she spent several hundred walks, field trips, lectures for several thousand visitors. My greatest pride is the clients who come to me repeatedly for various events. Students are interesting guests; they ask and discuss a lot. I create interesting inspirational travels to Power Sites across Ukraine. For example, not only Kiev, but also Trakhtemyriv - one of such wonderful places. At one time, she was very impressed with his incredible views, comfort and silence. If you love such places, you are fascinated by history, you are interested in magical/esoteric practices - this trip will be a great vacation for you,” says Tetiana Adamus, “and do you know a lot about the religion and magic of ancient Slavs? There is very little about the pre-Christian beliefs of the Russes, but there are many modern myths, speculations and speculations. To find out where the truth is, and where the fiction is, I invite a pagan excursion through Kiev, hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated, through Kyiv of pagans.



With me among the most modern Kyiv buildings, you will see a true Slavic idol, secret symbols and signs, ancient and modern chapels. Learn about the great gods and little ones, the power and weakness of the Magi, the role of princes in paganism, and true Russian magic, the love of princes. ”

Ms. Tetyana conducts all excursions in exquisite Ukrainian, such as a walk called “CHICKS OF THE LYSSA MOUNTAIN” is a wonder and delight. Tetiana recalls, "Often, it happens, they call me and say," We want to sign up for you on a tour of Lyssa Mountain. However, tell me, it is not very scary there, isn’t it? Because we heard such a THING!" Well, horror stories about the Fox Mountain go to all kinds. There, too, real stories were such that the blood cools in the veins, but even more so - fictions and myths. However, what makes her especially incredible is all sorts of unusual mystical objects. Video: https://youtu.be/YWfBYetWrrI

Dear Kyivans and guests of the capital, Kyiv is an incredible city, has a most centuries-old mysterious history and a fantastic present - do not waste time - go for a walk and let the rain or any other obstacle prevent you from having a fun time. Love your Ukraine and be happy.

Material prepared by: R. Vovk, D. Kolesnyk, A. Zubchenko.
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