From studying to romance, from hobbies to business - one step: "Delicious Duet: Dmytro and Diana"

21 серпня 2019 року

The university is much more than an educational institution, it is a start for further life, it is here where the environment and world outlook is formed, knowledge is acquired and partnerships are established.

Not only romantic relationships but also business relationships are involved in training. We have prepared an interview with the couple who created the family during their studies. Today it is a successful couple and business partners.

Mankind has always been inspired by love stories from Adam and Eve to Romeo and Juliet, in every country and in every era there are couples about whom legends have been made ... Today this is a "delicious" couple. We met with Dmytro Rodov in the lobby of the hotel, where he stayed while staying in Kyiv. We were fortunate enough to meet a family of USSR emigrants whose lives can be called a delicious duet.

- Yes, we really "Duet" - jokes Dmytro and pours us tea, in a few hours Dmitry will fly to the already native New York. Dmitry's phone has many photos and videos with his beloved wife and son Mykyta, young grandchildren and daughter. This meeting is interesting and informative for those who are starting out in their careers, determining how to live, where to study and work. Dmytro Rodov is a chef, author of recipes and culinary experiments, and his wife, Diana, is a pastry chef. The couple is now working on a book - about themselves and the restaurant, a delicious life. Dmytro says, "The book at work is my life, a part of my family's soul."


Born in Ukraine, which was then part of the USSR, Dmytro Rodov is from a dynasty of cooks, since both his grandfather and father were well-known Ukrainian cooks. This may be a passion for French cuisine, in which many common terms have remained since the days of Emperor Napoleon, when Ukrainian, Russian and French chefs exchanged recipes and secrets. "I also feel that culture-wise, this cuisine is closer to my roots and origin," - to love repeating Maestro Rodov.

My father conveyed to Dmytro a love for the culinary arts. Before emigrating from Ukraine, Dmytro joined the Ukrainian Culinary College, and when his family decided to emigrate and move to America, he first went to a regular New York immigrant beginner's school (working in a limousine service ...) and then, having made some money, he decided to fulfill his American dream. Dima joined the famous French Culinary Institute. His skill and the simple and ingenious principle of "home-cooked, exquisitely served," immediately earned New York chefs the reputation of being a unique craftsman. "I love everything I cook at the restaurant," Dima jokingly and seriously says.

- Dmytro, you have an interesting life, yet who are you by nationality?

- I am a cosmopolitan with a Slavic soul. Many cultures and traditions have been intertwined in my life. Now I am writing a book that will reveal the secret corners of my life, tell about my experience and my family. I value the family very much and I am convinced that without the past there is no present and there can be no future. In many ways, I am grateful to my parents and everyone involved in my formation and upbringing.

- What is your book about?

- The conclusions and reflections in the book are the result of direct experience and analytical approach to business and hobby, my work is a favorite activity. This is the secret of success. I want this book to be useful to families who care about keeping their feelings. My secret is to open a common cause. If there is patience and respect for the partner - then it is love and business for ages. Like us.

- When ill your book be published?

- In fact, it is ready, but new thoughts are emerging in the process and we are working on improving it. I want to present to the world only flawless text, the book is a sophisticated intellectual dish.

I write about my adventures, about moving: Ukraine-USA-France-Israel-USA ..., about education and experience, maybe in my life it would be good advice for young people, such guys as my son Nikita. I sincerely wish everyone to find and choose their own path in life, to get the most positive from each day.... An important event was my acquaintance with Diana, now she is my wife and my business partner, I will tell about the birth of restaurants "Duet".

In many respects, I am grateful to my wife, we were able to build a successful relationship, learned to understand each other. I will talk about how "the right people at the right time ..." appeared, about my friends and important decisions ... I offer recipes. This is exclusive art from Duet. My business is to continue my father's business. He knew the right choice of ingredients, how to combine products and spices, the exact time of preparation, tradition. I have multiplied this experience and today I present the best in our restaurants.

- Dmytro, this book is an example of a successful life in the context of a food culture. Right?

- So. My dishes are an inspiration. I'm sure you don't have to eat bad food, you don't have to listen to bad music, you don't have to read bad books, you don't have to take bad things at your own expense, you don't have to talk to bad people, you don't think about the bad. In general, my life is the art of beautiful eating.

(Suddenly Dmitry called on Skype) This is Diana, you want to talk?

- Of course, I was glad.

(Now there are three of us. Talking)

- Hello Mrs. Diana, tell the story of your Duet?

Diana happily replies, "The study was the beginning of a fascinating life with Dmitry." Eight years ago, during a meeting with a professional chef who was part-time husband, Diana Rodova asked, “What will you advise me? I would like to discover something new, to take up another profession. While working as a nurse, I was attracted by the idea of not only helping people but also giving them joy, making them happy - I wanted positive change; this idea became more and more attractive. ”

Dmytro Rodov gently pushed, "I think you would come out a wonderful confectioner."

Therefore, Diana decided to give it a try.

Moreover, he was successful, learning quickly turned into a sweet practice: the famous Manhattan French Culinary Institute, private classes of individual mastery of famous chefs such as Patrick Kalulu (Paris), Colette Peters (Orlando), Dmytro Poyard (New York), Ran bin Israel (New York). In 2010, she and her husband opened a pastry shop in the prestigious Brooklyn area of Mill Basin, and then it came to her to name their joint business The Duet Bakery: a duo of a loving couple, two classy chefs - a pastry chef and a cook.

From the first steps in the profession, Diana creates unique recipes. The idea is simple: always on the lookout, it searches for the most unusual and original, refining recipes to your taste and the taste of your customers. It doesn't matter if she makes the cake for the Queen or for a student from a local college: from the beginning to the end everything should be done just perfect.

A few years later, The Duet Bakery received 4.5 stars on the Talk of the Town (Brooklyn) rating, and in 2013 and 2014 it was named The Best Bakery of the Year by The Brooklyn Award Program. The Café has been one of the main sponsors of Mill Basin in Cancer Society events in recent years.

In 2014, Diana and Dmytro opened The Duet restaurant in Greenwich Village, which immediately became a favorite spot for local public and New York guests.

(Dmytro says), What Diana has done in past years in the pastry business is rave about everyone, from small to large. Enthusiasm and happiness: warm, joyful hues in her cakes, pleasing to the eye the shape of her cakes and cookies. «Why are pastry chefs always smiling? - asks Diana, and she replies: - Because sweet eat - chocolate, creams, fruits ... And once they eat sweet, then they are good and want to help everyone. "

Dmytro thoughtfully looked at his watch ... We drank some tea, we had a nice talk, time to go, soon the plane ... Dmitry thanked me for the meeting and said: "I hope that soon we will finish writing the book and feel that an important step in my biography is made. , I am healthy and full of ideas, thankful to God for everything, my eyes see, my feet walk, my ears hear, my heart is beating, my soul is rejoicing, I am going forward, to meet the future - and I feel that I am living. I am grateful to my wife for her faith and support.


Thank you for your frank conversation for this meeting. I am pleased that your university has such talented journalists, you are truly the best ... My grandfather was also a cook at home, and at work as a scientist, he said that true freedom comes from studying, genuine love for oneself and accepting oneself , it is necessary for a person to find peace and harmony in the soul, there will also be joy and true freedom that comes with inner harmony and balance.”

- Dmytro, what is your wish to students?

- Excellent conditions for learning and romance, I was in the park, everything is beautiful, everything is well looked after, I saw the grandeur of the educational buildings, the overall impression is very positive – it is truly the world standard of education. The students are lucky; you have everything thought out for the little things. You feel perfectionism. I advise you to enjoy reading and eating, self-development, spot. Respect your parents! Love yourself and the University, your job! Learn to receive and give knowledge, dream, you will be successful!


Diana Kolesnyk was interviewing

Photo from the Rodov’s family  ancestral archive



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