Future social worker Andriy Dihtyar: NULES of Ukraine is a stepping stone for career development

20 серпня 2019 року

- Tell us about yourself, please.

- My name is Andriy Dihtyar, I want to get higher education ("Bachelor") at NULES of Ukraine on the correspondence form of specialty "Social work". Born in Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region. Today I am engaged in a private psychological practice in Kyiv.

- What motivated you to apply for the specialty "Social work"?

- I am currently a practicing consultant psychologist. However, I do not have a specialized humanities education that would give me the right to work as a psychotherapist myself. I learned from acquaintances that at NULES of Ukraine it is possible to receive education in the specialty "Social work", which will allow me to work freely with people, to provide them not only with psychological help, but also, having a wider range of knowledge, be useful in the field of social rehabilitation. He drew more information from the website of the Faculty of Humanities and Pedagogics and the page of the Department of Social Work and Information Technologies in Education on the University's website and on the social network. Such prospects cannot but motivate to receive additional higher education.

- What exactly do you do in your professional activity? What is the specificity of your chosen method of psychological help?

- The direction of my professional activity is the so-called positive psychotherapy. I have a certificate from the Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy, the methods of which are based on combining the achievements of a number of modern psychological schools. The main principle of positive psychotherapy is the belief that each person is not only the carrier and the author of problems and conflicts, but also the carrier of abilities and the author of opportunities to change life for the better.

- So, are you interested in the opportunity to receive additional higher education that will give you the right to practice psychotherapy?

- Yes, besides, as I understand it, social work contains elements of psychological rehabilitation. Having received my social worker diploma, I can be useful both in the field of psychological assistance and in the field of social rehabilitation.

- What drives you to enter the National University of Bioresources and Environmental Management?

- I have heard a lot of positive feedback about NULEs, besides, this university is well known for its high level of education. With the diploma of NULES of Ukraine, I will be able to work abroad, participate in international educational programs and get accreditation as a psychotherapist, in which I am personally very interested.

- Tell us, do you like working with people and how would you like to improve your communication skills at our university?

- As a practicing psychologist, I can tell you that the vast majority of people are anxious to communicate with others. Actually, I have no such problems, which is why I chose the job of a consultant psychologist, and now I want to get an additional specialty of a social worker. It is important for me to help people learn to overcome their difficulties in life. I see in this my own vocation, which will help me to study at NULES of Ukraine.

Conversation was conducted by Lesya Viktorova,

Head of the Department of Social Work and Information Technology in Education

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